If it’s possible to fall head-over-heels in love with a meme, I’ve done it.

Googlewhacking: The Search for The One

It took me a few tries. I’ll admit I sat staring at the screen for a bit. Google found thousands and thousands of what I considered to be incredibly strange juxtapositions.

  • esoteric amplitude? 2,250 hits
  • escalator mustard? 766 hits
  • amphibian euthanasia? 680 hits
  • angina astrophysics? 147 hits
  • tumescence draconian? 15 hits

Until … finally …
I present you with my personal Googlewhack:
kleptomaniac ovulating! 1 hit!

At the time of this posting, my Googlewhack is worth a score of 308,450,000 (kleptomaniac 15,500 + ovulating 19,900). If I’ve gotten the scoring confused, please let me know.