Head of SEC Officials Admits Timing Mistake in Vols’ Win over Florida

The Southeastern Conference’s supervisor of officials said Sunday the crew working the Tennessee-Florida game erred in handling the clock, allowing the Volunteers more time on their final drive, which ended with a game-winning field goal.

The mistake occurred when Florida receiver Dallas Baker was called for unsportsmanlike conduct after DeShawn Wynn was stopped on a third-down run with 55 seconds left in the game, with the Gators leading 28-27 Saturday night.

Bobby Gaston, the SEC supervisor of officials, said because it was a running play, the clock should have started on the “ready” — when the referee winds his arm — and not the snap.

Gaston said there’s “accountability with our officials,” but any punishment issued would be discussed with both schools and decided by the SEC’s commissioner. He said any punishment would not be made public.