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Daily David

I love that Snoop Dogg recorded an ode to Sookie Stackhouse. If you want to really know what the difference is between Apple and every other technology company, read what Daring Fireball said about FaceTime. Just remember that most of us — including me, and I’ve been a computer programmer for almost twenty years — […]

Daily David

Four agencies that specialize in Internet marketing — 10e20, Search and Social, Infinitenine, and Brent Csutoras Inc. — are joining forces in a roll-up to form BlueGlass Interactive. Why, yes, I do very much want a lightsaber. “It’s sort of nonsensical for a twice-divorced single mother of two to be using this line as seduction.” […]

Friday Five: On Turning 37

Tomorrow will be my 37th birthday. Here are five things which have changed since I turned 27:

  • Downloads have completely replaced DVD and VHS.
  • MP3s (and iTunes / iPods) have completely replaced CDs and cassette tapes.
  • Air travel is now a complete pain in the ass.
  • Two words: gray hair.
  • My knees, back, and metabolism are now constantly things to be considered before attempting just about anything.
Daily David

Here’s some excellent advice from Mike Rowe, of Dirty Jobs fame: “Don’t be that guy. Don’t wait for the world to acknowledge your accomplishments.” (He’ll also help you find a job.) For @andybabb: A Hierarchy of Digital Distractions Where can I fly for how much? Twirdie is Twitter golf! The Earth is just amazing. (I […]

Daily David

The fictional high school chorus at the center of Glee has a huge problem: nearly a million dollars in potential legal liability. What were we thinking about when we had all that extra time? Who wants to see the ruins of modern Greece? Glasses are the ultimate image changer. (via jim) Authentic, game-used baseball cufflinks […]

Friday Five: Simpsons Characters
  1. Homer Simpson
  2. Charles Montgomery “Monty” Burns
  3. Ned Flanders
  4. Mayor Quimby
  5. Ralph Wiggum
Daily David

Starbucks To Begin Sinister ‘Phase Two’ Of Operation Is Schizophrenics Anonymous legitimate or some sort of sick joke? “You think I’m stupid. You think I’m immature. You think I’m a malformed, pathetic excuse for a font.” This week’s must-have hat is The Infidel. In prison Bernie Madoff doesn’t have to hide his lack of conscience. […]

Daily David

Make your hidden self a little bit cooler with better Facebook default profile images. “These are their stories.” RIP L&O. “You know the best way to get the public to respect your brand? Have a respectable brand.” — from an interview with Leroy Stick, the man behind @bpglobalpr How does a bill become a law? […]

Daily David

Team owners Frank and Jamie McCourt paid a Russian physicist at least six figures — for five years! — to transmit positive energy to the Dodgers from his home in the Boston suburbs. These LEGO recreations of iconic photographs are pretty cool. Some friendly Mormons have posted an exhaustive guide to overcoming masturbation. Everyone knows […]

Friday Five: Favorite Northern Cities
  1. Newport, Rhode Island
  2. Boston, Massachusetts
  3. Ithaca, New York
  4. Bristol, Rhode Island
  5. Old Greenwich, Connecticut
Daily David

Beyond Apu — Why are there suddenly so many Indians on television? Want to save the Gulf of Mexico? Learn how to boom properly. The leading web property for yuletide holiday determination is now on your mobile phone. Never be at a loss again. Get the Is It Christmas? iPhone app! I got 99 problems […]

Daily David

You would think that a prosthetic leg with a Willie Nelson sticker would be hard to miss, or at the very least hard to forget about and leave behind. The shortest possible game of Monopoly requires only four turns, nine rolls of the dice, and twenty-one seconds. Fuck Yeah Cats! is cute. But FUCK YEAH […]

Friday Five: Toys

Atari 2600
These are the games and toys I loved the most for about the first twelve years of my life.