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  • Negative Space
    October 7th, 2016 @ 8:54 am PST

    This poem is beautiful. My dad taught me to pack: lay out everything. Put back half. Roll things that roll. Wrinkle-prone things on top of cotton things. Then pants, waist- to-hem. Nooks and crannies for socks. Belts around the sides like snakes. Plastic over that. Add shoes. Wear heavy stuff on the plane. We started […]

  • October 2nd, 2016 @ 7:07 am PST

    Most of us are much more acquainted with losing than we are with winning. Winning is great, but it isn’t funny.
    Charles Schulz

  • Nikhedonia
    August 16th, 2016 @ 6:39 am PST

    nikhedonia, noun: The pleasure and satisfaction derived from the anticipation of success. A harmless indulgence, and a prudent one, too, since success comes only to some but nikhedonia is freely available to all. “Off to golf so early, darling? Hadn’t you better have your little nikhedonia session first? You know how badly you play when […]

  • In which I (hopefully) return to running regularly

  • On Books
    June 18th, 2016 @ 3:21 pm PST

    The books we think we ought to read are poky, dull, and dry; The books that we would like to read we are ashamed to buy; The books that people talk about we never can recall; And the books that people give us, oh, they’re the worst of all. Carolyn Wells (June 18, 1862 – […]

  • March 19th, 2016 @ 9:51 am PST
  • Baby, It’s Cold Outside
    December 2nd, 2015 @ 12:45 pm PST

    If you haven’t yet seen my wife’s superb version of this holiday classic, you’re letting the terrorists win.

  • November 20th, 2015 @ 9:36 am PST
  • Lost Your iTunes Music? You Can Get It Back.
    August 25th, 2015 @ 6:58 pm PST

    I have heard countless tales of woe from hither and yon regarding lost songs and playlists after “upgrading” to the latest version of iTunes and / or activating the awful Apple Music service. I’ve read people crying on Facebook and complaining on Twitter and have received my fair share of frantic emails from family members […]

  • My @DirecTV Snapshot
    August 21st, 2015 @ 8:31 pm PST

    Every month I get a worthless email from DirecTV touted as my “snapshot”. It’s just a marketing email with links to pay my bill! It would be really awesome, though, if they actually sent me a summary of my viewing habits for the month instead. “You watched twelve hours of American Ninja Warrior,” for example. […]

  • 1984
    June 25th, 2015 @ 7:37 am PST

    Happy birthday to Eric Blair — better known as George Orwell — born on this date in 1903, seventy years and one day before yours truly. My dad told me to read Animal Farm when I was seven years old. I thought it was really wild, but that there had to be something that I […]

  • June 7th, 2015 @ 8:45 am PST

    We have a lot of books in our house. They are our primary decorative motif — books in piles on the coffee table, framed book covers, books sorted into stacks on every available surface, and of course books on shelves along most walls. Besides the visible books, there are the boxes waiting in the wings, the basement books, the garage books, the storage locker books. They are a sort of insulation, soundproofing some walls. They function as furniture, they prop up sagging fixtures and disguised by quilts function as tables. The quantities and types of books are fluid, arriving like hysterical cousins in overnight shipping envelopes only to languish near the overflowing mail bench. Advance Reading Copies collect at beside, to be dutifully examined — to ignore them and read Henry James or Barbara Pym instead becomes a guilty pleasure. I can’t imagine home without an overflow of books. The point of books is to have way too many but to always feel you never have enough, or the right one at the right moment, but then sometimes to find you’d longed to fall asleep reading The Aspern Papers, and there it is.
    Louise Erdrich

  • May 2nd, 2015 @ 7:24 am PST
  • March 3rd, 2015 @ 6:47 pm PST
  • According to The Writer’s Almanac: Beethoven’s “Moonlight” Sonata was published on this date in 1802. Its real name is the slightly less evocative “Piano Sonata No. 14 in C Sharp Minor, Opus 27, No. 2,” and its Italian subtitle is translated as “almost a fantasy.” In 1832, five years after Beethoven’s death, a German critic […]

  • Friday Five: Favorite Pixar Films
    February 20th, 2015 @ 6:24 am PST
  • Friday Five: “Love” Songs
    February 13th, 2015 @ 6:44 am PST
  • Friday Five: Podcasts
    February 6th, 2015 @ 9:35 am PST
  • On Pride and Prejudice
    January 28th, 2015 @ 10:38 am PST

    Happy birthday to a book I’ve never read: Pride and Prejudice was published for the first time 202 years ago today. “I often want to criticize Jane Austen, but her books madden me so that I can’t conceal my frenzy from the reader; and therefore I have to stop every time I begin. Every time […]

  • Friday Five: Pearl Jam Albums
    January 23rd, 2015 @ 1:26 pm PST