It's all ball-bearings nowadays.

I Was Tony Gwynn’s Bat Boy

Friday Five: Bull Durham Quotes

Bull DurhamFive of my favorite lines from the movie Bull Durham:

  • “I told him that a player on a streak has to respect the streak.” — Crash Davis
  • “I want to give him the heat and announce my presence with authority!” — Ebby Calvin LaLoosh
  • “In the show, everyone can hit heat.” — Crash Davis
  • “The world is made for people who aren’t cursed with self awareness.” — Annie Savoy
  • “Don’t try to strike everybody out. Strikeouts are boring! Besides that, they’re fascist. Throw some ground balls – it’s more democratic.” — Crash Davis
Friday Five: My Favorite Athletes

Ted Williams

  1. Ted Williams
  2. Bo Jackson
  3. Tim Tebow
  4. Carl Yastrzemski
  5. Tom Brady
Apocalypse Now

Stocks skidded Monday, with the Dow slumping nearly 778 points, in the biggest single-day point loss ever, after the House rejected the government’s $700 billion bank bailout plan. The Yankees will sit out the postseason for the first time in 15 years. Vanderbilt is in first place in the SEC East. Time to start stock-piling […]

Bugs Bunny, Greatest Baseball Player Ever

We are then introduced to the shabby state of both the grounds keeping and of stadium security at the Polo Grounds, as we see an angry rabbit (Bugs Bunny, RHP/UT) is able to heckle the visiting team from left field, where he has dug a fairly substantial hole, and is enjoying a carrot-dog and (it […]

Barry Bonds Can Suck It I’m going with option B, the asterisk.

Suck on it, Barry

Commissioner Bud Selig announced Tuesday the discovery that Hall of Famer Hank Aaron had in fact accumulated 50 previously unaccounted-for home runs … bringing his once record total of 755 to an even higher 805 and putting the all-time home-run record perhaps forever out of reach.

Curt Shilling Will Kick Your Ass

What happens when a real celebrity has a real blog? There are a few mediocre celebrities that have pseudo-real blogs. (Zach Braff comes to mind. Aside from the fact that you can clearly see he’s high every now and then, he’s about the least controversial guy in Hollywood.) Few truly famous people are out there […]

Now Pitching for the Dodgers …

So I had a bit of a bug on Saturday and spent most of the day in a deep Alka Seltzer Plus-induced sleep. At one point I awoke to find a curious message on my answering machine. A little kid somewhere in the San Bernardino area code called with a get-well message for Eric Gagne, […]

On Baseball

I step into the batter’s box, placing my right foot in the hole … scraped inside the back chalk line. I am aware of nothing but [the pitcher] — not the crowd, not the infield in and Lord knows not the blue sky. This moment is the essence of the game, its molecular core. It […]

Last Year Was Next Year

I really love that I didn’t have to stare at the page and wonder. I knew immediately, based on the context of the rest of the site, what MFY Fan meant. In other news: I just got what is probably my fifteenth or twentieth Sox cap. There’s something alarmingly tragically poetic about a man so […]


You can win the World Series every year. You only have one chance to destroy the Yanks. As my friend Mike (a Tigers fan) wrote me last night, “Everyone outside of Yankee brats are celebrating quietly with you guys. It’s like you killed Michael Myers, Jason, Freddie Kreueger and Hannibal Lecter in one night.”

‘Roids in Basebal

This is easily one of the funniest articles I have read on ESPN2 in a while. Dave, tell me what your thoughts are on his adaptation of Kevin Costner’s lines? ‘Roids are all the rage

in the Box

Red Sox 4, Mariners 1 May 18 John Lennon’s Revolution 9 – the tuneless dirge that drones “Number nine, number nine” – should have been blaring in the visitors’ clubhouse before last Saturday’s game at Fenway Park. The Mariners were facing Pedro Martinez, who in nine career games against them was 9-0 with an 0.91 […]

The Paradox of Popularity

I took a class in the Fall of ’94 called Desire and Power in Western Literature. I hated the class and I’m pretty sure the professor, Dr. Snodgrass, didn’t like me very much. I wrote this rambling, terrible excuse for a term paper, in November of that year. It is titled “The Paradox of Popularity: […]

Dan Out

Dan Duquette was fired Thursday as general manager of the Boston Red Sox, less than 24 hours after the historic, hard-luck franchise was bought by new owners. In his eight-year tenure, Duquette grew to be one of the most polarizing figures in Boston sports, guiding the team with a robotic style that never quite clicked […]


FORT MYERS, Fla. (AP) — Pedro Martinez was a strange sight in the Boston Red Sox clubhouse Thursday — more muscular and, for a change, an early arrival at spring training. Then he took the field and looked like the same old Pedro. He threw smoothly and showed no sign of the worst injury of […]


The highest-priced tickets in baseball got pricier Wednesday when the Boston Red Sox announced a 7.4 percent overall increase for this season. Prices for the cheapest seats — upper and lower bleachers and outfield grandstand — are unchanged from last year, but all others are rising. Infield roof box, loge and field box seats, the […]

Old Friends

Former Boston Red Sox players Dom DiMaggio and Johnny Pesky hit the road last week for a reunion with ailing teammate Ted Williams, recovering at his Florida home after open-heart surgery earlier this year. Williams, regarded as perhaps the best pure hitter in baseball history, was the last player to hit over .400, when he […]


I just heard Stuart Scott on Sportscenter talking about Barry Bonds’ season this year. He said something that just blows me away. I hadn’t – until now – really appreciated Bonds’ home run extravaganza. The 73 (SEVENTY-THREE!!!) home runs in a season is amazing, obviously. But Scott just said that Bonds hit a home run […]