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Throwback Thursday
In Memory of Blue

“[I]f you ever wonder who has the more unconditional love for you, put your spouse and your dog in the trunk of the car for one hour. When you open it, who’s still happy to see you?” I’ve heard variations of this quote many times over the years and it always makes me laugh a […]

Sir Budrick the Lion-Hearted

Rest in peace, old friend.

The Dogs of War

Happy Veterans’ Day! Celebrate by watching this compilation of videos of dogs welcoming their masters home from the field. And a hat tip to my grandfather Vincent Albanese (1918 – 1986), who fought in WWII as one of Merrill’s Marauders. Thanks for everything I have and am today.

Puppy Chow

If you own a 30-pound pit bull and a 200-pound Burmese python and they are both missing, it’s probably safe to assume the worst. link via radio mookie


RoboScience has created the RS-01 RoboDog – the world’s most powerful, most advanced and largest commercial legged robot. The RoboDog takes leading-edge technology out of the laboratories of the world’s major organisations and puts it in people’s living rooms.

My dog died today.

My dog died today. He hasn’t really been my dog since I left for college, like in ’91. But he was always really my dog. And I don’t think I ever played with him enough. And I don’t think I can write this right now. Maybe later on. Fuck.

Dog in a Pickle Jar

Dog survives for two weeks in a pickle!

Man killed dog he thought was gay

[Headline] Man killed dog he thought was gay


My initials are DVG. There exists, however, absolutely no relationship between me and whatever the hell this is! doink! After further review: These people train police dogs! That’s pretty nifty. I am in favor of DVG America.