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Mercedes Benz Accident

I played a round of golf this afternoon at Porter Valley Country Club with Kelly and his dad and Rob. I shot a disheartening 117, although the round was not as bad as the scorecard makes it sound. I had a couple of great drives and was putting pretty well, but my short game seems […]

Woman Bills DOT for Wasted Gas

Mrs. Greenburg said in an interview that the delay was doubly unpleasant for her Maine coon cat, Sammy, who howled through the entire experience in a pet carrier in the back seat.

Highway Articles

A few days ago a friend from a long, long time ago recently reinstalled AIM and contacted me out of the blue. While we were chatting I started to mention something about a road trip I’d taken in another life. I was going to say that I had once gotten lost in Washington D.C. on […]


For some ridiculous reason I was still at the office at 11:45pm yesterday. When I got on the highway at 11:55pm, I mistakenly assumed that traffic would be minimal and I would zip home. Ha! They closed the 405. They. Closed. The. 405. Comically they chose not to let you know that it was closed […]

The Big Dig

I‘ve talked about this happening IRL with several people recently and tonight I finally remembered to visit the site. details “The Central Artery/Tunnel Project” in Boston. Basically they are taking the entire highway system in Boston and putting it underground. It’s amazing. Fun Fact: Underfund is the only other word in English that begins […]