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If you need to strip all non-numeric characters from a string (except for the period character) using JavaScript, try:
string.replace(/[^\d.]/g, "");

TinyURL! Bookmarklet

I love TinyURL! and have been using it for years and years. For the first time today I scrolled down the page a bit, by accident, and saw that you can create a TinyURL! bookmarklet. Trés radical.

Pop-Up Windows

Use Eric’s Popup window Generator to easily add popup windows to your site! The windows are activated by clicking on a link, and can be fine tuned in every aspect, such as dimensions, scrollbars, toolbar etc. Awesome tool.

Comment the Link

Jason @ JPlay has written a great tutorial on how to add a user comment to the pop-up send-link hack. I’ve gotten multiple requests for this, so I’m sure it will interest many readers. Thanks, Jason!

JavaScript Trick

Want to spice up your web site with some easy JavaScript tricks? I’m going to show you how to make your buttons, text boxes, and textareas change their colors. All you need are four attributes and some additional functions in your javascript file. (If you want to learn about adding a javascript file to your […]

New Music Now

I’m really much more interested in this for its possible application elsewhere, but I just found this niftiest of little buttons from Emergent Music. Trés hep. Click the “read more …” link to see it in action. link via The Shifted Librarian


I found a nifty tutorial on Using Microsoft’s XMLHTTP Object to Get Data From Other Web Pages at 4GuysFromRolla.com that might interest some readers. And over at ASP101.com there is a lesson on creating a shopping cart in ASP for your small business web site.

Javascript Clock

How sour sweet music is When time is broke and no proportion kept! So is it in the music of men’s lives. I wasted time, and now doth time waste me For now hath time made me his numbering clock; My thoughts are minutes. William Shakespeare – Richard III

Source Viewer

I found the mack-daddy of all bookmarklets at webgraphics this evening. This just absolutely rocks: Try it and see!

Shunting NN4

Teambilly shows you how to send Netscape 4.x users to an alternate page. This is terrific. He even has a nice little message that explains to them what dorks they are.

JavaScript Tutorial

Several people have asked me how to add random text strings to a web page, so I thought I’d write a little tutorial. All you need is a text editor and a web site. If you publish your own blog, I’m sure you’ll be able to do this. If you follow these simple instructions, you […]

Site Design

So … I’ve changed so much of this site in the last few hours it’s not even funny. The css (Cascading Style Sheet) was revised and updated. There are actually now five distinct style sheets. Choose which one you like best! (The choices are in the sidebar.) I also modified a hunka buncha the javascript, […]


I found a script at Dreamhost to make it snow on the page. Let’s see if it works.


Way cool: I found an article at 4GuysFromRolla.com that describes how to use Microsoft’s XMLHTTP object to get data from other web pages. You can create a custom Internet Movie Database search machine with this information … very interesting …

Bookmarklet for Making a Site a Favorite

<script language=”JavaScript1.2″ type=”text/javascript”> var bookmarkurl=”http://www.davidgagne.net/” var bookmarktitle=”davidgagne.net” function addbookmark(){ if (document.all) window.external.AddFavorite(bookmarkurl,bookmarktitle) } </script> <a href=”javascript:addbookmark()”>Bookmark this site</a>! javascript snagged from smartcgis.com


I loves me some Cut-N-Paste javascript …