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Football for the Troops

“A government shutdown means overseas troops could miss baseball playoff games and favorite NFL Sunday showdowns …” Stars and Stripes Regardless of how you feel about Obamacare or Congress or the President, you’ve got to admit it’s absurd that our armed forces should be denied the privilege of watching sporting events during the shutdown. If […]

In which Jon Stewart and The Daily Show discuss the government shutdown (with an awesome NFL reference).

Friday Five: Favorite NFL Teams

New England PatriotsMy NFL team is the New England Patriots. It always has been and it almost certainly always will be. To have five favorite NFL teams seems irrational, because only one can win the Super Bowl each year. But you’ll notice that they are all NFC teams, with the potential exception of the team using my favorite player of all-time, which gets a spot on the list just below my team.

My mom raised me to be a Pats fan and we rooted for them through all the dark years. (We were long-suffering Red Sox fans as well. Aside from the Celtics, and until I got to college at the beginning of the Spurrier tidal wave of championships, sports to me meant futility, failure, and sadness.)

  1. New England Patriots
  2. Whatever Team Employs Tim Tebow
  3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  4. San Francisco 49ers
  5. New Orleans Saints
It Ought to Be Easier

It’s really hard for me to wrap my head around the idea that Tim might not make it in the NFL. It seems absurd to me. When my alarm rang at six this morning, there was a text waiting for me that read, “Heard Tebow was cut from NPR before ESPN.” My first thought was […]

Friday Five: Favorite NFLRZ Games

Frankfurter FlingHere are my five favorite games on the NFLRZ:

  1. Frankfurter Fling
    I’ve played this game hundreds of times and never get tired of it.
  2. Safety Dance
    Yes, actually, that is yours truly voicing the penalties.
  3. Blitz Bot Chuck
    I just really like all the explosions in this one.
  4. NFLRZ Bank Heist
    This game reminds me of Thief, which I used to play with my little sister all the time.
  5. Jump Duck
    This game is best when you can play against a competitor.
If You Hate Tim Tebow, You’re Probably Doing It Wrong

Alex Smith is quarterbacking the 49ers in the NFC Championship game this year, his seventh in the NFL. In his first two years in the league, Smith played in 25 games. He threw seventeen touchdowns and twenty-seven interceptions. He also rushed for two touchdowns. The 49ers went 11 – 21 those two years, and didn’t […]

Football Feeds

If you’re a football fan with a feed reader, you should be following the following: General Smart Football (rss) Every Day Should Be Saturday (rss) Friends of the Program (rss) Heisman Pundit (rss) ProFootballTalk (rss) Gators TimTeblog (rss) Swamp Things (rss) SB Nation (rss) The Bull Gator (rss) Dooley’s Desk (rss) Gator News (rss) […]

Friday Five: Football Games I Attended

The five best games I saw from the stands:

  1. The Greatest Game Ever Played in the Swamp
    November 22, 1997
    Florida State Seminoles 29 – Florida Gators 32
    “The Seminoles came in ranked #1 while UF came in #10 with a record of 8-2. Down 25-29 with 2:33 remaining in the fourth quarter, the Gators began a drive from their own 20 yard line. The first play was a 63 yard pass from Doug Johnson to Jacquez Green to the Seminoles 17 yard line. Taylor then ran the ball to the two yard line, and scored his fourth touchdown on the next play. The Gators drove 80 yards in 44 seconds on three plays.” (from wikipedia)
  2. The Third Saturday in September
    September 20, 1997
    Tennessee Volunteers 20 – Florida Gators 33
    I watched this game — Peyton Manning’s fourth consecutive loss to Spurrier’s Gators — from the upper deck of the North End Zone in a ferocious, pouring, torrential rain.
  3. The Last Elway / Marino Game
    December 21, 1998
    Denver Broncos 21 – Miami Dolphins 31
    My dad’s birthday is December 20th and I took him to this game as a birthday present.
  4. The Orange Bowl
    January 2, 1999
    Florida Gators 31 – Syracuse Orangemen 10
    Donovan McNabb got crushed by the Gators in his last college game.
  5. Super Bowl XLII
    February 3, 2008
    New York Giants 17 – New England Patriots 14
    Even though my team lost, it was simply amazing to be at the Super Bowl.
Frankfurter Fling (Flash Game)

In the last two years my company has published almost 100 Flash games. That, my friends, is a lot. It’s very nearly a new game every week. We have a tremendously talented group of unbelievably creative artists and some of the sharpest web developers on the planet. The games we produce are generally targeted at […]

Tom Brady and the NFL

Yesterday morning on ESPNRadio’s Tirico & Van Pelt Show, Mike Tirico asked if the NFL was in jeopardy because of the season-ending knee injury suffered by Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Scott Van Pelt — rightfully, in my opinion — argued that the NFL is going to be fine. Tirico countered by asking if Tiger Woods’ […]

The Lord Knows the Score

Every year around this time I get to enjoy one of my all-time favorite acronyms. (You know I’m an acronymphomaniac, right?) All of the important data utilized by the National Football League is stored in the “Game Statistics & Information System” — GSIS. As far as the NFL is concerned, GSIS is awesome and GSIS […]

Super Bowl XLII

Right now I am sitting in my suite at the Camelback Marriott in Scottsdale, Arizona, just a little more than a day away from getting to see my Patriots in Super Bowl XLII. The story of how I got here is incredible on many levels, and even attempting to do it justice in a blog […]

Bill Belichick: Alien

Last season, the Colts won the Lombardi in part by establishing a pass-wacky attack that defensive coordinators were obsessed with stopping, then gradually shifting toward the run in the postseason, then rolling out a rushing-based game plan in the Super Bowl that took everyone by surprise. … Belichick is among the best-ever students of the […]

Five Months of My Life, Gone

So apparently there’s a whole series of these parodies, but I think “Hitler: Bloodthirsty Dictator, Die-hard Cowboys Fan” is the best. Sure, it’s no Planet Unicorn, but it’s definitely the funniest YouTubery I’ve seen this year. <hat tip to Andy>

Rough Times for 49ers Fans

A man walks into a bar with a cat in his arms and asks the bartender if the cat can stay. Grudgingly, the bartender agrees to let the cat sit on a bar stool, and he then turns on the 49ers game. When the 49ers kick a field goal, the cat just goes wild, jumping […]

The 2010 Draft

Tuesday Morning Quarterback scores again with 2010: The Mock Draft.

Peyton Manning on Saturday Night Live

Last night’s Saturday Night Live with Peyton Manning and Carrie Underwood was excellent. I am so happy that the show is in something of a revival right now. It’s a long-overdue, glorious return to funny. The last dozen or so SNLs have had me in stitches on more than one occasion. The digital shorts and […]