Go Gators!


In other NFL news, NBC has announced that during halftime of the Super Bowl, it will air a 20-minute special of the drek “reality” show Fear Factor – reality shows” being the least real things on television – in which the contestants are six former Playboy Playmates of the Year. Swimsuits will surely be required […]

Danny Wuerffel CD

Danny Wuerffel is the latest athlete to cut a CD, but unlike other jocks, he’s not flowing about the grittiness of the mean streets. On the 14-song Heaven and Nature Sings – Christmas with Danny Wuerffel, Family, and Friends, the Bears’ quarterback lends his vocal stylings to such chestnuts as Silent Night and Joy to […]


I absolutely adore that they call the show “Monday Night Football” even when it’s airing on a Saturday night.

Go Bucs!

A couple of Bucs fans in Largo, FL are seriously annoying their neighbors with the replica pirate ship and cannons they have in the front yard. The pirate ship, it seems, is just an eyesore. The neighbors are really mad about the cannon blasts after each touchdown though!

Super Bowl Ring Found

The typical detritus from a college student’s couch cushions–change, bottle caps, petrified french fries, Super Bowl rings … Walter Payton’s ring from Super Bowl XX, missing for nearly six years, has turned up in as unlikely a setting as imaginable–the couch of Purdue University student Phil Hong in West Lafayette, Ind. [link via Romanesko’s]


From CNNSI.com: In the Cowboys’ loss to Atlanta on Sunday, Ryan Leaf became the fourth quarterback to start for Dallas this season, joining Quincy Carter, Anthony Wright, and Clint Stoerner. Which was the last NFL team to use that many starting quarterbacks in a season? Click ‘more’ for the answer.

20,000 Point Challenge

Predict who will score Monday Night Football’s 20,000 point for a chance to win a trip for four to a Monday Night Football Game.

Hard Knocks

Last night at eleven I caught the first episode of Hard Knocks on HBO. Now this is a reality tv show that a guy can love. I’m not a fan of the Ravens at all, but it was fascinating to watch an NFL team prepare for the beginning of training camp. (Tony Siragusa was deliciously […]

Two Football Players Die at Practice

University of Florida freshman fullback Eraste Autin died on Wednesday, July 25, after collapsing from heat stroke on his way back to the locker room after practice. And a football player on the Minnesota Vikings, too?

Football and Tampa

Pure comedy: An article on strip clubs in Tampa Bay at ESPN.com is titled Giants Told to Keep Their Noses Clean and is running under an ad for www.cokepartybowl.com. There are more nude bars / strip clubs in Tampa Bay than in any other city I’ve ever been. No, I never visited any. Also, I […]

Doug Johnson

Last night on SportsCenter they announced that former Florida Gator quarterback Doug Johnson would be starting for the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday.

Dennis Miller

Dennis Miller is doing a great job. He’ll get better. Have faith.

Danny Wuerffel

Danny Wuerffel helped the Florida Gators win the 1996 National Championship. I can’t believe he is going from the crappiest team in the NFL (the Saints), to the best team in NFL Europe (the Fire), to the team I hate most in the NFL (the Packers). Not only did the cheeselogs beat my Patriots in […]

web ennui

Another one of my favorite reads is going to disappear. I don’t understand the concepts of web ennui that seem to bother Tracy, but I do know that the chances of me going into BFBC (lyrics) – that’s Betty Ford’s Blogger Clinic – are only slightly greater than my chances of playing in the NFL […]

PETA has issues with Green Bay

PETA has issues with Green Bay nickname … I guess The Puckers was a silly suggestion …