A loaded God complex, cock it and pull it.

Stanford research shows right-to-carry gun laws are linked to an increase in violent crime.

Receptor-Site Upregulation and Acetylcholine

From a Special Report in the June 2008 issue Men’s Health magazine: Research has shown that a few puffs of cigarette smoke plug fully half of the brain’s natural receptor sites for acetylcholine … After as little as seven cigarettes over the course of a single month, a nicotine virgin’s brain has begun compensating by […]

Sex, Lies, and Monogamy

Women only stay with men for security, and men only stay with women for sex. It’s a cynical view of human relationships, but researchers now say it is the driving force behind the evolution of monogamy — and women started it. By offering sex all the time, females in monogamous species disguise whether they are […]

Scientific Research

Two good ones stolen from Follow Me Here …: Researchers Show Human Genome Helpless in the Face of Chocolate Men Are Crazy for Women Who Are, Too

Football Physics

Here’s a nifty little article on the physics behind football tackles. link via Dan

Beer Fights Kidney Stones

In a battle like that, I’ll root for beer every time. Keep up the good fight, Dan.

Mathematical Physics

Embedded in Week 152’s essay by John Baez for This Week’s Finds in Mathematical Physics is a very sad love story. I mean it. I think I will subtitle this post, Love Surrounded by Confusing Mathematics.