A loaded God complex, cock it and pull it.

Password Schmassword

Are you using the same password for everything? You probably are, aren’t you? “That’s okay,” you’re thinking, “It’s a really, really hard password. Nobody will ever get it.” Not so fast, fish-breath. A recent post on the Twitter Status blog details a new way that some crafty crackers are stealing passwords. It basically works like […]

Hacked Checking Account

Well, it’s finally happened. After over a decade of using the Internet for 10+ hours/day, someone has attempted to steal my identity. I went to my Washington Mutual online checking account to review my balance this morning and discovered a dozen charges that were most certainly not made by me (or my wife). Someone using […]

Easy Passwords

I have a friend who has a ridiculously simple password that he uses for almost everything. Now, I’m not going to get into all the many reasons that this is a bad idea. You already know that you shouldn’t use the same password for everything, right? And that you shouldn’t use something really easy to […]

Save, Backup, Trust No One

For years now I’ve subscribed to Mark Hurst‘s Good Experience newsletter. This week he wrote A Warning Sign on the Way to Digital Utopia, which should be required reading for anyone that owns a computer. Less than twelve hours ago I sadly had to repeat a conversation I’ve had dozens — if not hundreds — […]

AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 8.0

If you’re getting that annoying message telling you that your copy of AVG Anti-Virus is about to expire, you can get the new version here.

Thursday Night in Los Angeles

My girlfriend and I had dinner last night at The Rainbow Room and then went to see The Perfect Victim play at the Whisky A Go Go on Sunset Blvd. We didn’t know it in advance, but the Whisky was hosting a “launch party” for a new concert review web site, TheConcertGoer.com, so there were […]

False Authority Syndrome

Once again I found myself in trouble at the Los Angeles International Airport, and once again it was (arguably) my own damn fault. Last Thursday I flew Southwest to Providence, Rhode Island to testify in court on behalf of my dad, who was in the midst of a textbook “frivolous lawsuit”. I detest being late […]

How To Fly Without ID

I happen to be one of the (apparently very few) people in this country that has not only read the Constitution of the United States, but also understands it and — by gosh! — thinks it’s a pretty good way to run a country. So I tend to get really, really upset when presented with […]

WaMu Snafu

How’s this for retarded? I recently moved. Yesterday I went to Washington Mutual’s website to change my address for my checking account. Today I realized that I am out of checks. That’s okay. I can order checks on-line and they get delivered in like three days. But when I went to the website to order […]

Airport Security

I can’t remember where I found this one, but Checking Out the Checkpoints – The curious irrationality of airport security is a great editorial.

Outlook Pain

Q. Is there any way to work around the Outlook security update? A. Way One Way Two Way Three

Protect Yourself

Here is a must-read: 7 ways to protect your home PC link via What’s On It For Me?


I recently changed my SHELL / FTP passwords at DreamHost because of the little Blogger security breach. (I don’t use Blogger any longer, but I thought I’d be on the safe side.) Customer Support sent me the following message: After looking further into your account it was discovered that you only changed one character between […]

A Bear Suit

To some, Hurtubise is a cult hero. He’s burned through more than $100,000 and gone bankrupt building a 150-pound protective suit of titanium, plastic, chain mail, galvanized steel, rubber and thousands of feet of duct tape. To test his invention, Hurtubise has been run over by a truck, hit by a moving car, smashed in […]

FBI Warning

Saying it has received information that new terrorist attacks may be planned inside the United States or abroad in the next several days, the FBI on Thursday asked local police to be on the highest alert and urged all Americans to be wary of suspicious activity. Y’know. Just in case you were feeling comfortable or […]

Port Problems

For some reason I cannot FTP or SMTP to davidgagne.net from my office. I know you’re asking, “David, what does that mean?” It means I can’t upload anything to my site from work (no new songs!), I can’t send eMail through my davidgagne.net account from work, and I can’t modify any of the files at […]

Military Technology and Digital Piracy

Can ‘Military’ Technology Beat Digital Piracy? ” … if the hacker persists, and continues making ”aggressive” attempts to disable InTether’s defenses or pierce its vault, he’ll get ”the white screen of death.” His InTether receiver, together with all the InTethered files stored inside it, will be destroyed. Attacks ”would have to be pretty aggressive and […]

Page Blocking

I find it incredibly amusing that my company’s proxy server prohibits me from visiting swoon.com, an astrology site, but has no problem letting me browse All About My Vagina.

My Phone Number

Someone was amazed (laughing hysterically even) that I had posted my home phone number and address here a few weeks ago. I don’t really see why. I mean, it’s not like there are two dozen David V. Gagne’s in Tampa, FL. It would be simple enough for anyone to get that information if they wanted […]