I am the very model of a modern Major-General.

The Most Interesting Man in the World?

It usually takes me a few weeks to get around to reading Sports Illustrated. So I’m a bit late to this, but I just read the SI obituary of John Fairfax. He’s most famous for being the first man to row solo across the Atlantic, which he did in 1969. But it seems like everything […]

Friday Five: Things to Buy at a Game
  • A Coke (of course)
  • A Baseball Cap
  • A Salted Pretzel
  • Peanuts
  • A Beer

* list applies to baseball, basketball, or football games

Friday Five: Bad Golf Swings
  1. The Slice
  2. The Chili Dip
  3. The Worm-burner
  4. The Chunk
  5. The Hook


“A great shot is when you pull it off. A smart shot is when you don’t have the guts to try it.”

Phil Mickelson, Sports Illustrated, April 19, 2010

Friday Five: Favorite Stadiums
  1. Ben Hill Griffin Stadium at Florida Field, “The Swamp”
  2. Fenway Park
  3. Dodger Stadium
  4. Louisiana Superdome
  5. Colosseum
BCS Citi National Championship Game Preview

Two great snippets from the EDSBS preview of tonight’s game: Weather: Perfect and Valhalla-ish, because it is California, the place that would be perfect if everyone else hadn’t already figured out the same thing and moved there before you did. 68 degrees and clear at the kick as the sun sinks in pink-red glory behind […]

2010 Sugar Bowl Notes

Most Total Yards – BCS Bowl Games Tim Tebow 533 2010 Sugar Bowl Vince Young 467 2006 Rose Bowl Mark Sanchez 429 2009 Rose Bowl Rohan Davey 427 2002 Sugar Bowl No. 5 Florida humiliated No. 4 Cincinnati 51-24 in a fitting end to the unparalleled career of these Florida seniors. Total domination would be […]

The Five Worst Losses in Gator Football History

Losing sucks. I was raised to worship the Red Sox and the Patriots and, although this century has been damn good to both of them, losing was my way of life until I got to college. The Red Sox — a lot of kids today might not realize — were the team that was always […]

2009 – 2010 iCal College Bowl Schedule

Update: Visit collegefootballcalendar.net to subscribe to the latest college football bowl schedule! Yes! This calendar is up-to-date! It now includes all the bowl games, dates and times, teams, locations, and television networks. The teams for the SEC Championship Game have been determined. And it’s really never too early to start thinking about bowl season. (We […]

On Football

As I get older I find it increasingly difficult to explain my love of football. You’d think that the opposite would be true, that I would find it easier to tell people how wonderful it is as I understand the game more. But that is simply not the case. I follow Stewart Mandel on Twitter […]

Florida at LSU Post-Game

The Gators (5-0, 3-0) have their first quality win under their belt after going to Baton Rouge and taking care of No. 4-ranked LSU 13-3 in the toughest of environments. Urban Meyer took the route he did in the Florida-Tennessee game by not taking any chances and letting the defense win the thing. Viewers expecting […]


Former Notre Dame head coach and current ESPN college football analyst Bob Davie was a guest on Mike & Mike in the Morning today talking about the Kentucky game. It was the first time I heard any talking head discussing the absurd ‘should Tebow have been benched prior to the injury’ debate who had actually […]

Tennessee @ Florida Post-Game

The Gators found themselves in a typical, physical SEC battle against a well-prepared Tennessee team. Meyer said all week he thought the game would be a “fourth-quarter dogfight.” Florida fans wanted blood. They got sweat. And nearly tears. If the Vols (1-2, 0-1 SEC) had a serviceable quarterback, they might have defeated the most-hyped team […]


Update: Want to know more about the Florida / Tennessee rivalry? Read Hate Week, by EDSBS If you’re a college football fan you really should take a look at this sweet list of iPhone apps for the pigskin crowd. On Saturday in the Swamp, Tim Tebow has a chance to join UF’s Danny Wuerffel and […]


Is Florida Field the loudest stadium in college football? I’d say yes. It’s actually louder than that. Think of the loudest noise you have ever heard. Now imagine that loudness, but just a little bit louder. Also, you’re screaming. And it’s very, very, very hot. And sweaty. Swampy, even. And the guy next to you […]

Friday Five: Favorite Golf Clubs
  1. rescue 3
  2. sand wedge
  3. 7 iron
  4. driver
  5. pitching wedge

HeismanPundit.com has Florida at #1 and #15 at #2. What about Troy? Ten Top Ten Lists Bonzai! From Urban Meyer’s post-game press conference, on Chris Rainey, who had one carry for 76 yards and a touchdown: “I think he’s averaging 76 yards/carry.” My first week of Yahoo!’s College Pick ’em didn’t go so well. I […]


It’s kickoff Saturday! To say that I am as giddy as a schoolgirl would be a gross understatement. I am much, much giddier than a schoolgirl. I scoff at the weak attempts of giddiness displayed by the average schoolgirls. Our long national nightmare — the preposterous abundance of months without college football — is finally […]


Saurian Sagacity has done an excellent statistical analysis of college football to produce a list of the top ten teams of the decade. Miami’s 2001 squad ranks first, but Florida’s 06 and 08 teams both make the list. “New rule; if I have to look up your mascot, you’re not beating Florida in Gainesville. (In […]


The main difference between college ball and the NFL is that in college, every game matters. Somewhat lost in the news [of Urban Meyer’s $4M annual salary contract negotiations] was his commitment to give $1M over the course of the deal to the Florida Opportunity Scholars program. Did you know you could win two tickets […]