It's all ball-bearings nowadays.

College Bowl Schedule

Update: Visit to subscribe to the latest college football bowl schedule! You have got to be kidding me. This is just about the coolest thing ever. A few weeks ago I lamented that there was no place where I could go to import the entire NCAA College Football Bowl schedule into my Outlook calendar. […]

ESPN Has Nothing to Fear

I was listening to Colin Cowherd’s “The Herd” on my local ESPNRadio affiliate while I drove to work this morning. Colin was talking about the fact that the vast majority of cable companies are not carrying the NFLNetwork. Apparently the Rutgers bowl game is going to be on the NFLN and that means that most […]

Golfing in Arizona

I have hundreds of photos of other people golfing, but I’m always the one with the camera. That means I don’t usually get too many shots of myself. My dad took this one and I think it’s pretty good. If you view the full size version by clicking the photo you can just make out […]

Orange and Blue Hue

A few weeks ago I was browsing the latest Gator news at Topix and I stumbled upon Orange and Blue Hue. What a great site! I am seriously impressed by the quality of the writing at this blog. There are several different contributors and each has a unique style. It seems like every day — […]

Humiliation on the Plains

The college football homepage at ESPN reads “Saturday Bloody Saturday”. Then it says, “Auburn beat Florida. The SEC body count is complete. On every given Saturday, someone loses in the Bloody South.” It goes on to state, “In the end, that merciless SEC claimed another victim as Florida became the fourth team ranked No. 2 […]

Learning to Golf

So it took me 33+ years, but I have finally started golfing. I am a complete and total idiot for not listening to the dozens of friends that have been trying to convince me to play for the last ten years. It is amazing fun and paralyzingly addictive. I played for the first time in […]

Speed Stacks

Are you as surprised as me that this is not on ESPN right after the poker and billiards championships? Apparently there is a new “sport” sweeping the country by storm: Cup Stacking, in which teams attempt to stack — and unstack (maybe that’s the “sport” part?) — specially designed plastic cups. File under: Decline of […]

Gator Steelers

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Most analysts have identified the Steelers needs in the upcoming NFL Draft as being at cornerback and offensive tackle, and everyone knows the team always is in the lookout for another pass-rusher to plug into its 3-4, and Coach Bill Cowher got a chance to see what might be available when he […]

Jesse the Bachelor

The fifth Bachelor edition will also follow the established gradual process of elimination, as Jesse narrows the field of women from twenty-five to fifteen on the season premiere, presenting each of his choices with a single red rose. Jesse then closes the gap to 10, six, four, three, two and, ultimately, the one woman who […]

Bad Kitty Fans

Kentucky AD Mitch Barnhart wrote a letter to Florida basketball coach Billy Donovan, apologizing for Kentucky students’ behavior on the final regular-season game. Students held up a sign with the picture of Florida star Matt Walsh‘s girlfriend, Playboy playmate Lauren Anderson, portrayed in a revealing top with CATS written on it. Okay, so I don’t […]

Bobby Bowden defends Colorado coach

CLEMSON — Florida State University football coach Bobby Bowden questioned the rape allegation by former Colorado kicker Katie Hnida, defended the character of Colorado coach Gary Barnett and acknowledged college football’s “black eye” from recent recruiting scandals on Monday. Bowden made his comments in an interview with reporters Monday at Clemson University before giving at […]

ACC Refs

A short list of groups who should be upset with the ACC officiating crew from the Nov. 29, 2003 University of Florida / Florida State University game: Florida fans USC fans Kansas State fans ABC CBS the BCS cabal the AP voters fans of college football If the refs – Samples, Childress, Roden, Jackson, Foley, […]

Florida Freshman Eligible for Tennessee Game

Florida defensive end Steven Harris pleaded no contest to misdemeanor battery Wednesday and is eligible to play this week against Tennessee.


from A Man-child in Lotusland, at rebecca mead dot com O‘Neal is one of the largest men alive. He wears size-22 basketball shoes, which are made for him by a company called Starter; they are all white and finished with a shiny gloss, reminiscent, in their sheen and size, of the hull of a luxury […]

Poorly Designed Trophy

The LPGA certainly created an interesting trophy for the Longs Drugs Challenge! You really have to see the photo to appreciate it. And *what* could the winner have been thinking when she decided to kiss it?! link via Kelly

Draft Day

I guess the NFL Draft was this weekend. I hadn’t even noticed. It looks like Florida players did pretty well: one first-rounder and three second-rounders …. link via Tara


I overheard someone talking about SportsFilter at some point during the LA MetaFilter shin-dig last night. This is excellent! It’s a MetaFilter just for sports fans!

Nude Rowing

Nude, and loving it – The members of Scotland’s Robert Gordon University Crew team, who, according to captain Andrew Shannon, are training in the buff to “find out what natural assets we have for rowing.” The team, which has braved wintry conditions while preparing for next month’s Aberdeen Universities boat race, consists of four female […]

SuperBowl XXXVI

Anyone predicting a Rams’ rout of the Patriots in Super Bowl XXXVI might want to take a quick history lesson first, starting with Week 10 of this season. On Nov. 18 in Foxboro, Mass., the Pats led the Rams 10-7 in the second quarter and had a 1st-and-goal before Antowain Smith fumbled away the football. […]

Not So Happy Ending

The scene was jubilant — a dream come true for a loyal New England Patriots fan like Michael Downing. His beloved team had just capped an improbable comeback to defeat the Oakland Raiders in one of the most memorable playoff games in NFL history. Just seconds later, as his family cheered amid the bedlam at […]