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WordPress Wednesday: Pithy Quotes Plugin

If you look at the top of this page you’ll see that there is a short quip displayed in my header. Every time you visit any page, it changes. I have about fifteen little quotes in my database and they’re set to display randomly with each refresh of the page. I wrote a plugin which […]

WordPress Wednesday: Thesis Theme Tag Text

Today I’m going to explain how to make your WordPress blog display a special note based on a tag associated with a post. This tip is uniquely written for users of Chris Pearson’s awesome Thesis Theme, but if you are crafty enough with WordPress, you’ll be able to use it regardless of the theme you’re […]

Saw Marks

I have yet to mention that Chris has asked me to proofread his thesis. I’m a Supervisor. Not just a regular visor, mind you. A Supervisor. So that’s pretty cool. David V. Gagne, Supervisor What, exactly, does this mean? It means I am reading Evaluation of Saw Marks From Postmortem Dismemberment: A research project submitted […]