Go Gators!

iPhone 3G Bluetooth

It takes four actions to enable Bluetooth on the new iPhone. Click “Settings”. Click “General”. Click “Bluetooth”. Click on/off slider. Leaving Bluetooth enabled all the time drains the battery much too quickly, so it makes sense to only enable it when you are using it, and to disable it when you are finished. (The same […]

Faceted Email Browsing

Seek allows for ‘faceted browsing’ of email and looks, pretty much, like the coolest thing to hit email since the @ symbol. It’s Thunderbird only, though. At this point I don’t know if it would be possible for me to abandon Outlook. The email functionality I could take or leave, but the address book and […]

Are you sure you want to exit?

About six months ago I bought a Seagate FreeAgent Go 160 GB USB External Hard Drive from the evil empire™. As far as hard drives go, well, it’s big and it stores data. So in that regard it performs perfectly. It also has a soothing amber glow that pulses while it’s spinning, which is very […]

Stop Being Broken

My buddy Bry has a brilliant new site: Stop Being Broken! (The exclamation point is not part of the site’s name, although I think it should be.) I’m not just saying that because I have repeatedly asked him for favors, eaten food with him, and met his wife. It’s seriously really good. Check it out!

Blackberry Pearl Keyboard Lock

I’ve had a Blackberry Pearl for a few months now and, in general, I love it. It’s a great phone. I love that I can check scores on ESPN and use Google maps and — as a surprise bonus — I can send and receive phone calls and text messages. Here’s what bugs me: The […]

Blue Cross of California Member Registration

The new member registration form at the Blue Cross of California website has what I consider to be several major bugs. A user’s username must contain a number and a letter. Because this is not exactly a ‘net “standard”, they need to do a better job of bringing this to your attention. When you submit […]


SpacecraftKits.com has an interesting way of keeping their costs low. They do it “through mass production, and by putting the extensive assembly instructions and fact sheets … online, rather than mailing them to you.” I think that’s a great idea. That way if they want to revise some part of the instructions, or add schematics […]