It's all ball-bearings nowadays.

Converting to Mac

About two weeks ago I decided that I was just completely done with my Dell Latitude D630. I’ve had it for just under a year now and it had continued to disappoint me at every turn. I had had an Inspiron 8600 — which was a pretty darn good laptop — for about a year […]

Dell Laptop Hard Drive Failure

Last week my wife called me to say that her laptop — my old Dell Latitude D610 — wouldn’t boot. Of course her whole life is on this machine and she had a paper due that evening and, no, she didn’t have any backups. So I left the office around 3pm to try to save […]

Delete Empty Folders

Looking for a way to clear some of your computer’s clutter? Getting rid of empty directories is a good start. I was looking for a file and realized that my machine was spending a long time searching through folders that I knew had nothing in them. A quick Google search returned a handy DOS trick […]

Wasted Space

Can anyone tell me if I really need Java 2 Runtime Environment, SE v1.4.2_03 and J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 3? These things are ridiculous. Each one is over 100MB! What a waste.

Hewlett-Packard Printers: Tools of Satan

For Christmas ’04 I got my girlfriend a shiny new HP Photosmart 7960. She loves it. It prints fabulous, high-quality images and it comes with some great photo-printing software. Sure you have to mortgage your house to keep the ink flowing, but you knew that was going to be the case when you bought the […]

IIS Auto Restart

Does anybody know of any way to have IIS automatically restart itself every few hours? Do tell.

Title Tags Missing

Here’s an interesting development: For some reason my browser is no longer displaying title tags for anchors! I have no idea how this happened. Has anyone else noticed this? Title tags for hrefs do not appear regardless of the site I am viewing. This is very strange.

IIS Tips

Ten things to do with IIS


Hey! I didn’t know you could have Desktop Themes in Windows 2000! That’s way cool. ActiveWin shows you how to do this and a ton more. There’s even a section of my favorite things: registry hacks! w00t! link via Lockergnome


Download tools and utilities that help you manage and support Windows 2000! Y’know. If you wanna. No pressure or anything.

Computer Freeze

My computers keep having seizures, but I keep buying Windows versions, hoping I’ll get lucky. I’m like the loser in the nightclub who keeps hitting on the hot babe. His shoes are squishing from the pina colada she poured on him, but he’s thinking: “She’s warming up to me!”


It really drives me nuts that you can’t delete Notepad.exe in Windows 2000. Oh, you can, but only if you really muck around with your files. Here is a tutorial on getting rid of the pesky application. Note that you must delete the notepad.ex_ file from your I386 directory before you try to delete the […]

Menu Help

Here’s a pretty cool trick from the January 1997 issue of PCComputing.Com: The Windows Start Menu has a built-in stutter, a brief delay in the appearance of the Programs, Documents, Settings, and Find fly-out menus that’s supposed to make Windows easier for mouse newbies. If you tend to think of any intentional PC delay as […]

More Hacks

Reghacks – Tips, Tricks and Registry Hacks for Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows XP

Two Tricks

Two great tips from Restart Windows without Restarting your Computer Speed up system restart


My computer has been misbehaving lately. It seems to be crashing constantly and the performance has been muddy. A few days ago I downloaded Cool Beans System Info, a nice little app that displays free RAM and processor usage. I realized that even though I have 256 MB of RAM, it seems like it’s all […]

Windows Registry

The Windows Registry Guide is full of registry tweaks, tricks, and hacks to optimize, enhance, and secure Microsoft Windows. This is really a wonderful site. There are dozens of mini-tutorials to make Windows do all sorts of nifty things. I really like this place.


Nobody asked me to play (boo hoo) … but I thought I’d jump in on this meme anyway. The contents of my system tray are (left to right): Windows Task Scheduler Volume control InoculateIT – virus protection quicklink to desktop Adaptec DirectCD Diamond InControl Tools AutoText – a little app I wrote that inserts text […]


Here’s a workaround for one of Windows 9x’s annoyances. Sometimes when you make a change in a window — for example, when you create a new folder through an open application — you won’t see it until you refresh the window by pressing F5 or until you close and reopen that folder. To have Windows […]


Are there applications in your Install / Uninstall list (in the Add/Remove Programs dialog box) that you’ve already deleted from your system? Or that, when you select them and click the Add / Remove button, give you a message that the uninstallation can’t proceed? Sure, you could leave them there and forget about them, but […]