Can I borrow your towel for a sec? My car just hit a water buffalo.

Print Screen

Ever wanted to take a snapshot of your screen? Well, hit the ‘Print Scrn’ key and a bitmap will be placed onto your clipboard. You know the clipboard – it’s that mysterious Microsoft netherworld where things go temporarily when you hit Edit | Copy or Edit | Cut. Open up your favorite image editor, and […]


If you frequently open the Device Manager, place a shortcut to it right on your Start menu for one-click access. It beats having to open the Control Panel, double-click System and select the Device Manager tab every time. Right-mouse click the Start button and select Open to open the Start Menu folder. Right-mouse click inside […]

Desktop Clutter

If you want to show the door to the InBox, Recycle Bin, or Microsoft Network, here’s how: Run REGEDIT and drill down through the layers to find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SOFTWARE\ Microsoft\ Windows\ CurrentVersion\ Explorer\ Desktop\ NameSpace Click the plus sign (+) next to NameSpace to reveal several numeric fields. Clicking on any one of these will […]

Glass Tinting

If you’re in north central Florida and you need your windows tinted, call Daryl or Jason @ Custom Glass Tinting (1-800-939-TINT or 352-377-TINT) I just got the windows on my Rodeo extra-tintified; I am now stylin’ and profilin’ …

Excellent Error Message

Jason received this error message from one of the NT Servers at work: While validating that COM3 was really a serial port, the contents of the divisor latch register was identical to the interrupt enable and the receive registers. The device is assumed not to be a serial port and will be deleted.


This wins the Quote-of-the-Day award from the hundreds of workers slaving away here at “plus, it runs winCE on a RISC processor. when will people learn: winCE is for toothless vietnamese hookers with no thumbs. if you’re serious about mobile computing, at least use PalmOS, if not Mobile Linux on a Crusoe” – My […]