I wrote this in high school, sometime between 1989 and 1991…


She lay asleep, caressed by the soft moonlight that bathed her tender face. Her hair would momentarily be touched by the cool breezes that ran along the beach. “She is so beautiful,” he thought. He gently kissed her eyelids and laid his head on her chest. The even beat of her heart carried him into a peaceful sleep.

The two slept for hours – their naked bodies forming miniature bays and inlets and deltas in the wet sand. The rising tide met her feet first, waking her. She held him even closer to her, felt the stubble of his beginning beard scratch her cheek.

“He’s so warm,” she thought, “he makes me so happy.” She ran her tongue over her salt-parched lips and pressed them to his.

He awoke softly and, amazed that he wasn’t dreaming, let a broad smile stretch across his face. They giggled and laughed and he rolled on top of her. She started tickling him and they wrestled until he pinned her arms down on the sand. Out of breath, he half-laughed, half-panted, “Oh God I love you!”

Their eyes met and she stopped fighting him. Their muscles relaxed as they drew together for a final kiss. The passion of the embrace was beyond erotic, it was love. They held tightly to one another and she began to cry.

He wiped a single tear from her eye and as he did, she softly promised, “I love you, too.”

The sun had risen on the beach.

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