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I am seriously considering buying myself an erg. There are two craptastic ones at my gym, and I haven’t rowed on a nice one in so long that I have almost forgetten how tremendously painful it is. We have plenty of room on the back patio for it. And I’m not exactly going to lose

E. Baldi

Just around the corner from Spago in Beverly Hills is a terrific little establishment named E. Baldi. (It’s the sister restaurant of just about the best place to eat in Los Angeles, Giorgio Baldi.) I had the amazing garganelle with meat sauce tonight, and didn’t realize until I was walking out the door that I

The Day the Earth Stood StillI have no idea what possessed me to go see The Day the Earth Stood Still on Saturday night. The ads didn’t really impress me, but I saw that it featured Coach Taylor, Dom Draper, and Archie Leach, so how bad could it be?

Let me put it this way: The absolute best part of the movie was something that happened five minutes after the credits rolled. I was in the men’s restroom and inexplicably heard Alvin & The Chipmunks doing a cover of Journey‘s “Don’t Stop Believin'” on the theater’s stereo system. I think that says it all.

2008 – 2009 iCal College Bowl Schedule

2008 – 2009 iCal College Bowl Schedule

In which I explain how to create an iCal version of the college football bowl season schedule

J.Crew Follies

I am astounded by how bad the J.Crew website is. The .jsp filenames indicate that the site is Java. It is tragically slow and the senseless implementation of AJAX makes it near impossible to use. It’s almost 2009! How can there be so many horrible shopping cart systems on the ‘net? And for such a

Romeo and Juliet

The Killers’ awesome cover of one of my favorite Dire Straits tracks — Romeo and Juliet — is more than enough of a reason to buy Sawdust. There are 17 b-sides and otherwise unreleased covers and studio versions on this excellent collection. I grabbed it from iTunes about a month ago and have been loving

Nike Gators HatMy little sister is recording the event while mountain climbing somewhere in Oregon, so she asked me not to SMS her any information about the SEC Championship Game. Intentionally planning something of any importance — a mountain expedition, a wedding, bachelor party, childbirth, etc. — on a Saturday in the late Fall (or early Winter) is mind-boggling to me. My uncle — whose wife’s birthday is today, actually — got married on the day of the Super Bowl. (It was even worse that his favorite team was the AFC champion that year.) Priorities, people.

How to Handle a Ducking iPhone

For some reason that makes little sense, Apple decided to not include one of the words I use most frequently in the iPhone’s internal dictionary. So if I ever send you a text message saying that something is, “ducking awesome,” or that you need to, “get the duck out,” that is why. A certified Apple

Zima: RIP

To Coors’ horror, Zima proved most popular among young women — a demographic that, while generally fond of getting tanked, just doesn’t have the same thirst for hooch as its male counterpart. And once the ladies took a shine to the stuff, the guys avoided Zima as if it were laced with estrogen. from The


I love Twitter. I joined when I was at SXSW2006 and forgot all about it until about six months ago. I’ve been enjoying it tremendously lately. Just today I finally convinced Kelly to install Twitterific. And now … Shaquille O’Neal is posting tweets.

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