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2009 – 2010 iCal College Bowl Schedule
Update: Visit to subscribe to the latest college football bowl schedule!
Yes! This calendar is up-to-date! It now includes all the bowl games, dates and times, teams, locations, and television networks.

The teams for the SEC Championship Game have been determined. And it’s really never too early to start thinking about bowl season. (We already know that Navy is playing someone in the Texas Bowl on December 31st.)

Between December 19th and January 7th there are 34 bowl games. That’s way too many to try to manage in your day planner on your own.

You want to have all those games in your personal calendar, don’t you? That way you can easily find them on your iPhone or whatever PDA you’re using (or your laptop).

For some reason that makes no sense to me, this service is not available from Yahoo!, ESPN, Google, or anyone else. So I’m here to help.

You can use one of the links below to subscribe to the entire 2009 – 2010 iCal College Bowl Schedule (including the conference championship games!) in iCal, Google Calendar, or Outlook.

I’ll keep the calendar updated with the teams, dates and times, television networks, and results as they are finalized.

(Set your calendar to refresh every day for updates.)

Details on how this works can be found in last year’s post.
2024-02-05: Broken links in this post have been removed and/or updated.

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  1. Dude you rock.

  2. from all the members of the First FryDay Fantasy Football league….. THANK YOU
    THANK YOU!!!!

    Da Komissar

  3. I’m grateful for your efforts. Are you planning to update it now that bowls have been announced?

  4. I updated it the night the bowls were announced!

    It is live and updated every time any of the times or channels change.

  5. Check it – I still don’t see it showing correctly, just imported into 2 different programs

  6. ok, I change my comment – GOOGLE is caching the old copy of your bowl calendar so even though I give it the URL, it fails to update it. Trying a trick…

  7. Import with TinyURL ( tricked Google into refreshing it. Thanks for the calendar!

  8. Ah. Interesting. I hadn’t considered that Google would cache the original version. I use Apple’s built-in iCal app for subscribing to calendars and it has an ‘auto-refresh’ option, so I didn’t realize that Google was caching it.

  9. I completely agree with you that I don’t know why ESPN doesn’t do this. But I’m very glad you did. It’s exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the effort!

  10. you da man!! Thx.

  11. Thanks SO MUCH for the bowl schedule. Really appreciate your hard work and efforts.

  12. Thanx! You’ve got the time of the Sugar Bowl at 8:30 – it’s actually 7:30 EST. Are all of your times EST?

  13. Oops! Rose Bowl is at 1:30 p.m. EST. You’ve got that one listed for 4:30 p.m. Thanx for your hard work!

  14. I think you are incorrect, Rich. I just double-checked the ESPN website and they, too, show the Sugar Bowl as an 8:30 PM (Eastern Time Zone) game. Note that Louisiana is in the Central Time Zone, which is why the Sugar Bowl website shows the game time as 7:30 PM.

    My calendar is set to Eastern Time Zone.

  15. Sorry, Rich, but I think you’re confused again. The Rose Bowl was originally set to begin at 4:30 PM (Eastern). It has very recently been moved to 5:00 PM (Eastern), and I’ve updated my calendar to reflect that.

  16. this ROCKS!!!!

  17. […] if you need to plan and optimize your college football gorge-fest these holidays around boring family events this shows you what’s coming up […]

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