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In episode 28 of the Hardcore History Addendum podcast, Dan Carlin discusses how one of the important lessons to be learned from the study of human history is to avoid political extremism like the plague. It seems, though, that — as a species — we are doomed to never learn this lesson, especially since we have extremely recent evidence which shows humans do not even have the capacity to avoid an actual plague like the plague.

WordPress Wednesday: Display Post Type in Admin Posts List

In which I explain how to display a new column in the Wordpress Admin Posts list

I have never read The Catcher in the Rye — even though my mother and many, many teachers, professors, relatives, and friends have harangued me over it for about forty years — and I resolve to finish it in 2024.

I miss being able to drag and drop to organize my iOS screen layout(s) on my laptop. I also wish Sonoma (14.2.1) would do a better job recognizing when my iPhone (17.2.1) is on the same WiFi network as my machine. I have lost count of the number of times a synchronization has failed because my iPhone “can’t be found” even when it’s sitting six inches from my MacBook Air and they are both definitely on the same network. And it’s enough to make me scream when this happens even when it’s literally connected to my laptop with a USB-C cable.

WordPress Wednesday: Closing Slash Hack

WordPress Wednesday: Closing Slash Hack

How to get rid of annoying closing slashes that prevent HTML from validating.

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A few years ago I was trying to determine what cocktails I could make with the alcohol I had at home. I searched the App Store but couldn't find an app that would let me do that, so I built one.


You can read dozens of essays and articles and find hundreds of links to other sites with stories and information about Ernest Hemingway in The Hemingway Collection.