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Funny Comedy Jokes!

Davezilla — a site I’ve read for so long that I can no longer remember when I started reading it, which means it’s probably since before you even knew there was an internet — was feeling down in the dumps a few days ago. He asked his readers to raise his spirits. People started posting

Comedy Brackets

Awesome. MSNBC is doing a comedy movie version of March Madness. (bracket here) You really get screwed in a couple of places — being forced to choose between incredibly funny movies very early: Animal House vs. Austin Powers, Fletch vs. Wayne’s World, Swingers vs. Best in Show, for example. When I was forced to choose


Dot Com: The Musical!

The 2009 Movie List

I do not have obsessive compulsive disorder. I do not have obsessive compulsive disorder. Let me make it absolutely clear that I do not have obsessive compulsive disorder. But … I will admit that I am fanatical about some things. Since I was a sophomore in high school — a mind-bogglingly shocking twenty-something years ago

Born Standing Up

Born Standing Up

In which I review Steve Martin’s memoir


If you’re not watching HBO’s The Life & Times of Tim, you are missing the funniest show on TV right now. It’s a combination of Family Guy and Seinfeld, with a bit of The Office added to make it uncomfortable. And like The Royal Tenenbaums you need to pay attention to all the details that

Skinny Dip, by Carl Hiaasen

I read Carl Hiaasen‘s comedy Skinny Dip on the flight from Denver to Vegas to Los Angeles on Monday morning at the suggestion of a friend at work. I don’t want to reveal too much of the story, but it’s basically about an idiot who attempts to murder his wife, who was the captain of

If ancient Rome had the Internet…

Funny: If ancient Rome had the Internet…

Peyton Manning on Saturday Night Live

Last night’s Saturday Night Live with Peyton Manning and Carrie Underwood was excellent. I am so happy that the show is in something of a revival right now. It’s a long-overdue, glorious return to funny. The last dozen or so SNLs have had me in stitches on more than one occasion. The digital shorts and

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