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Dropkick Murphys

I bought a CD today. It was a little bit strange. I can’t remember the last time I bought an actual compact disc. I’m sure this isn’t the first one I’ve bought since I moved to LA seven years ago, but I know that since I got my iPod the number of CDs I’ve purchased

Griffin Reflect iPod Case

A week or so ago I found a link to the Griffin Mirrored Chrome Finish iPod case on Dan’s site. Anything that beautiful must be mine. I ordered one immediately and it arrived last night. The previous case I had — Agent18‘s video-shield — was awesome, to be sure. After a year and a quarter,

LA Marathon Soundtrack

LA Marathon Soundtrack

Head coaches in the NFL often “script” the first dozen or so offensive plays of a game. They do this to set the tone and pace of the game, and to try to get their players to understand that they want to dictate how the game will go. With that in mind I have “scripted”

Generic Computer Peripherals

While shopping at Best Buy you may notice a somewhat newish brand of computer products going by the name Dynex. At first I wasn’t sure if I could trust these things; they’re usually exactly the same as the name brand stuff but 50% less expensive. I’m always wary of getting something that seems like such

Men’s Health Tech Guide

The December issue of Men’s Health includes a Tech Guide with what it says are, “100 products that will change your life!” If you’re looking for the latest news in men’s health, for exercise routines, for dating advice, or for fashion tips, Men’s Health is a great resource. If you’re looking for the latest trends

Five Tips for Smarter Playlists

Five Tips for Smarter Playlists

I’ve got more than 14,000 songs in my iTunes library and I listen to music the entire time I’m in the office every day. I live and die by my smart playlists. I’ve seen more than a few tutorials lately about how to utilize this iTunes feature, so I thought I’d toss my hat in the ring with a few tips on how to make Apple’s killer app work better.

Please End This Song

I love Please Take Me Home from blink-182‘s “Take Off Your Pants and Jacket“. It’s a great song with one glaring problem: For some ridiculous reason they decided to pull a Nirvana on it and extend the track length of this 3:03 song to 6:06. So when I am listening to my iPod in shuffle

iPod Shield

If you got a black 60gb video iPod for Christmas — like I did — then you need to get one of Agent18‘s video-shields. I’ve tried quite a few iPod cases in the last two or three years and this one is the best yet. It certainly has the best screen protection. You kind of

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