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Custom Tag Buttons in Edit Entry screen

I use bookmarklets for all my posting and hardly ever enter the MT interface to do anything other than edit old posts. So if you are like me you will need to modify bm_entry.tmpl instead of edit_entry.tmpl, but otherwise this is what you need to do if you were using Scott Andrew’s PowerLinks in your

MT 2.61

I finally bit the bullet and upgraded. has gone from a loose collection of random html files to a Blogger-powered site to a Greymatter-powered site to its current MovableType extravaganza-ness. It only took me about a year to make the jump from MT2.1 to MT2.61. That works out to about two decades in internet

Had a slight meltdown here at the ol’ weblog this afternoon. It seems that Dreamhost decided to rename a computer — specifically the one that hosts all my websites — without telling anyone. That caused a bit of a problem since the MovableType CMS (That’s the engine that drives this page!) needs to know the correct file paths in order to publish. Comments weren’t appearing, posts were lost… it was blog hell.

Everything’s fixed now. You can go about your business.


Holy Macaroni! What a terrific birthday present; and I didn’t even realize it until today. (Today is the day after my birthday.) Movabletype 2.2 has been released! And wow! Look at all the new goodies!

Comment the Link

Jason @ JPlay has written a great tutorial on how to add a user comment to the pop-up send-link hack. I’ve gotten multiple requests for this, so I’m sure it will interest many readers. Thanks, Jason!

Time for a little poll. Every now and then I upload a mystery song to my Song of the Moment blog. Does anyone ever download it? Should I bother to keep doing that? I never get any feedback, and I’m wondering if it’s worth it. So here’s your chance to make an impact on the content here. Let me know. Should it stay?

Last week I used some SSI and MovableType trickery, by the way, to include the two most recent songs at the bottom of the sidebar over there on the right.

PING! has a great tip on how to ping both and when you publish from Movable Type. Read it.

Main Index Template

The Additional Entry Text of this entry contains the complete contents of my MovableType Main Index Template for this blog. It might be interesting to you if you’re trying to learn how to do something I’ve done here. (Note that it is my ugliest template; I tend to do lots of testing and futzing with


Are you using MovableType to manage your blog? If so, you might be interested in the tutorial I just added to my Works in Progress blog – How to Add a “BlogData” Footer to Each Post. It’s nifty (I hope!) because I explained how to take advantage of several aspects of the MovableType framework that

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