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Searching for Common Ground: SXSW 2006

Today I attended a panel at SXSW titled “Web Standards and Search Engines: Searching for Common Ground”.  The description of the panel was “Experts from the web standards community and developers from the major search engines discuss how semantics can help websites and search engines accomplish their goals.” It was moderated by (MOD) Molly E

DreamSEO and SubmissionShark

I get a lot of spam. A lot. No, really. I get a lot of spam. I am directly or indirectly connected to the whois / registration of dozens and dozens of sites. I get a.lot.of.spam. So. Tonight I happen to notice a piece of spam directed towards a URL that I own that nobody

Section Targeting

Whoa. I don’t know how I haven’t seen this yet. Google lets you target specific sections of your page as more or less relevant to AdSense. This should be required reading for all bloggers and — hell — should be part of the default WP install … What is section targeting and how do I

Excellent Failure – Google Bombs Away!

US President George W. Bush has been Google bombed. A search for “miserable failure” on the popular search engine Google brings up, as the first link, the official biography of Bush provided by the White House. This can be done because Google does not only search the contents of web pages, it also counts how

Book Learning

“Google is beginning to have a subtle, but noticeable effect on research. More and more scholarly publications are putting up their issues in PDF format, which Google indexes as though they were traditional Web pages. But almost no one is publishing entire books online in PDF form. So, when you’re doing research online, Google is

MT 2.61

I finally bit the bullet and upgraded. has gone from a loose collection of random html files to a Blogger-powered site to a Greymatter-powered site to its current MovableType extravaganza-ness. It only took me about a year to make the jump from MT2.1 to MT2.61. That works out to about two decades in internet

Acura Integra VS Acura NSX

This was never intended to be a “real” post. This was only a test.

You Never Give Me Your Money

In which I rank highly for some odd terms

Sweet blueberry turnovers! All of a sudden I’m getting thousands — yes, thousands! — of hits from the Kansas State Fan Message Boards. I cannot imagine why. I can’t find any link to me there either. So. If you’re a Kansas State fan, please explain.



The Sacramento Bee Story Toolbar “With browser and internet technologies advancing, Web sites are becoming more like applications. Taking this into account, has developed the Story Toolbar. The idea was to combine several different functions into one compact area that is unobtrusive and easy for users to access.” (Comments: Take a look at this

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