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Excellent! A new, improved MetaCamPage!

just trying to keep it real

I’ve shuffled the MetaCamPage a little. I think I’m just going to rotate the rows so that everyone gets a chance to be on top for a bit. Of course that also means that some of us will be getting our first taste of being on the bottom. Think of it as a growing experience. You get tired of being on top all the time anyway.

In case you haven’t noticed – or if you’re one of the people who was on top and are such an egomaniacal rat bastard that you never scrolled to see who was beneath your corpulent bulk – there are still two spots open in the current version. If you spot a blogcam, or if you have a blogcam… you know it baby…

my job is hardI am a big fan of clipping funny shots you might happen to catch on the MetaCamPage. Eventually there will be an archive of all the funny stuff. I already have several of the center girls (as I like to call them), Harlan, Meg, and — of course — everyone’s favorite monkey. Creative editing of webcam pics is not only allowed, but highly encouraged.

Two bloggers on one webcam

Two bloggers on one webcam! In which I visit Ryan‘s desk to show him exactly how cool it is that I snagged the code to include my hotlist in my sidebar. Thanks dandot!

webcam image of Ryan ToberThis rather candid photo of Ryan shows exactly why I created the MetaCamPage.

One of my old crew cronies, Mike, has got a brand new blog.

I am still taking requests for the MetaCamPage… several of you made great suggestions and I am working on them. I think you’ll love the results.

<great flourish>
Ladies and Gentlemen, Bananas and URLs
</great flourish>
I present to you…
<loud fanfare>:The MetaCamPage!

David S

That’s David S. in the web cam shot there. We are getting ready to go to On the Border for Cinquo de Mayo (sp?) …

Pretzel Sticks

If the image in the web cam looks really odd, it’s because I’m eating Publix Fat Free Pretzel Sticks while I blog.

blink, blink

I don’t really know what to say about this. (link from Jason) Sometimes in the morning your webcam photo is just so horrible that you have to hide it!

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