This domain of mine has had stuff on it for a long, long time — before WordPress or MovableType or even Blogger. The original is, sadly, lost forever. Some pieces of it have been kicking around on my various hard drives and FTP locations for a decade now.

One file that I could never seem to bring myself to delete was an ancient hand-coded HTML <TABLE> listing of a bunch of important events in my life. A few friends of mine actually built a company based on the idea. It was called “”, had a magnificent interface, was all webbed up, and the site — last I checked — is completely dead. I wanted to have that timeline on this site again. I hadn’t updated it in years and years, and I would rather poke hot needles in my eyes than sit and hand-code a bunch of <td>s all day. “It should all be in a database, of course,” I said to myself. “And I should be able to edit it right in the WordPress Administrator, too. And seriously it should be written so that I can just give other people the ability to add timelines like that to their own sites.” ( I should stop talking to myself.)

There was really only one thing I could do. I wrote a plugin. You can see the results in the sidebar on the main page of this site. I am also using a timeline in this post (below) to track the updates I make to the plugin.

Make sure to view the README: Download v 1.332 (10/16/2006)

Timeline Plugin Updates

To Do:

  • handle bug that happens when user is using rich text editor
  • add rss feed for timeline events — requested by jcwinnie
  • create import script — requested by Lorelle
  • let timeline tag accept an optional “title” parameter

Feel free to digg this. :0)