For over a year now I’ve had a problem with my contacts on my iPhone. It’s a very strange bug. I get a phone call and if I save the contact to my address book, it appears in my phone correctly under the “recent calls” list, but not in the Contacts app. And it never synchs with iCloud or with my Address Book app on my Mac.

Every now and then I will search a few forums to see if I can find anyone else with the same problem and I can’t.

I went into the Apple store in the Century City Mall a few months ago and gave a demonstration of the problem to the guys at the Genius Bar. (I had a guy call me from his personal cell phone, walked through the whole thing, etc.) They had no solution and said they’d never seen anything like it. They suggested I wipe my phone completely.

Right now I am trying to get in touch with some of the professionals — doctors, mostly — that I met in the last couple of weeks while I was in Florida dealing with the death of my mother and the fact that the contacts aren’t synchronizing properly is really problematic.

I am very, very frustrated. It is so unlike Apple to have a bug like this and I am about three seconds away from smashing my iPhone on my desk and throwing my laptop on the floor and stomping it to pieces and maybe throwing my monitor out my 5th story window.

I’m pretty sure this is called “displacement”. I’m not a psychologist, though. I could be wrong.