MacBook Air Wake-Up Fix

MacBook AirThe MacBook Air is the best laptop ever made. There’s really no arguing this point. But when I upgraded from Lion to Mountain Lion, suddenly it started to take for-freaking-ever to wake up when it went to sleep.

Before the upgrade I could reliably open the machine and immediately type my password to start working. Ever since late July, though, I was ripping my hair out waiting fifteen seconds or more — I know, I know: #firstworldproblems — before I could use my computer. The best part of having the SSD was the fact that everything had been instantaneous, and it seemed like a software glitch had ruined my baby.

It was driving me crazy, and nobody else I knew was experiencing the same issue.

And then I stumbled upon “Fixing” Slow Wake for MacBook Pro W/ Retina Display while browsing my feed. This guy was having the exact same problem I was! He even described the symptoms the same way I did. And his fix works perfectly. I really can’t tell you how much happier I have been with my laptop since I read that article a few days ago.

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