… ho hum … just playing with some css and greymatter stuff here …
okay. so here’s what I did (in case you care): in the template for each entry, there is a link to the ‘header’ template. each of my header templates has a link to my css include line. the css include line is a template too. so I added the gm ‘day’ variable to the name of the css file and created seven new css files, each with the name of the day. (ex: blog_monday.css, blog_tuesday.css) I tweaked each of these css files a bit, so every day the page will have a little different format. lame? yeah, I guess so. but I thought it was nifty at the time. now I have to decipher the rules for floating in css so I can have the sidebar boxes rearrange themselves each day as well. or is that just stupid? I don’t really think enough people ever visit that I’m going to actually lose visitors if the site’s changing every day. … hmmm … blah blah blah …

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  1. I just stopped by here while taking a break from doing something remarkably similar to my site (only I’m just changing the color scheme every hour or so, not rearraging things).What I’d suggest is that you set up some way to let people always come to the version they like, if that’s not too difficult. That way if, say, Tuesday’s stylesheet is just amazingly cool, I can always look at the page with it.

  2. that’s not a bad idea….

  3. So far, I really like Tuesday!!

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