It is horrible.

I don’t know what to say. I can’t think of anything to say.

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But as I stood there, staring at the twisted sky, I began to realize what was happening. People were jumping or diving from the highest floors of the North Tower. Others were clinging to beams and ledges that had buckled when the plane plowed into the building. But, one by one, every few minutes, another person lost his grip or just let go. From down on the street it looked almost like a desperate ballet: some seemed to be flying, their arms sweeping gracefully as they picked up speed. Others tumbled and some just dropped, rigid, all the way down. I was standing next to a woman in a blue blazer that said F.B.I. on it. She was crying and I started to cry, too.

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  1. Truly another day that will live in infamy. I can’t recall the last time I cried over something like this.

  2. It’s like it doesn’t stop. You can’t get your head around it. It’s too much. I can’t believe it. Still.

  3. Why? There is absolutely no strategical importance in the World Trade Center. That which does not kill you makes you stronger. We’ve shown way too much mercy in the past, that is about to change. (I can’t believe I’m about to say this) thank God we have a pro-military gun-toting Republican in office.

  4. Mike, there was one reason to hit WTC, perhaps two. It’s a symbol with lots of people in it. It they want to provoke a big war, it would serve its purpose.Terrorists are hard to find and hides amongst lots of innocents, so if someone bombs the country (-ies) they hide in, that party will be blamed for the same cold inhumanism as the terrorists has shown themselves capable of. Even if its more than understandable, getting too trigger-happy isn’t the solution in this case. (Although, ground troops will probably have it easier to enter the countries and take out the terrorists than before, since the hiding country condemn their actions and, I guess, would want them out of their “neighbourhood..)(I think I’ll go back and sit in my corner for a little while more.)

  5. The time for politically correct, “they have rights too” is over. Repeal the Ford Act (prohibits assassination by CIA of foreign enemies). The US response should be overwhelming and devastating to the parties and countries responsible.

  6. I added a link to the Blogger Search page. Ev created a special page to track blogs that contained comments and / or information and links to the … to whatever it is that happened yesterday. What are you supposed to call it? An event? A tragedy? “The horrible” is all I can think. What are we supposed to do today? People are in the office and working. I’m expected to continue working on a computer program. I’m going to try to give blood on my lunch break, but they’re saying that the lines are so long that it’s best to wait until tomorrow.

  7. In California, Alice Hoglan picked up her phone to hear the voice of her son, Mark Bingham, 31.”He said, ‘I want you to know I love you very much. I’m calling you from the plane. We’ve been taken over …” Hoglan said. The phone went dead a short time later.

  8. *sigh* What more is there to say anymore… what is there to say… I haven’t had anything but tears lately… and utter… blankness… no words. ^_^

  9. There are several eMails floating around with references to a “quote” from Nostradamus. They are all fake. More details here:

  10. How Good Were the World Trade Center Pilots? An excellent essay on how hard it must have been to control the airplanes and direct them towards the targets.

  11. It’s just so unbelievable that this all could happen, which is the false sense of security that has been created, what is more unbelievable, is that these people had ties just 35 miles north of me, in Portland, ME.

  12. Probably the best sources of links and information on line:

  13. I was doing OK until all the comments of relatives came out discussing phone calls from the WTC or the planes before impact. This will truly be a day that lives in the national memory. Hats off to the FBI for the progress so far.

  14. Yes it became real to me too when people started talking about how they were waiting to find out about their loved ones and finding no answers. What finally broke me though was looking at pictures of people falling from the WTC before it collapsed. It’s horrifying to think what those poor people went through and some are still going through at this point in time. :o(

  15. On NPR this morning on the way to work I heard them playing “The Star-Spangled Banner” at Buckingham Palace in England and I started crying all over again. 11,000 body bags? Dear God …

  16. This is the photo that gets me: just can’t get over it.

  17. Eyewitness account from a blogger (with digital photos):

  18. Here is a link to some pictures taken by a pilot friend of mine FROM THE AIR WHEN IT HAPPENED.

  19. A view from the observation deck of one of the towers:'ll never get to see it for real. Stunning. I keep hearing all this talk about how to deal with your kids and their reaction and how it might affect them and blah blah blah. Man. I’m not a kid. This is killing me. I read on someone’s blog a question like this: “Did people go to work the day after Pearl Harbor?” Two days? Three? Did you go to work the day after JFK was shot? When I was in college, I could barely – *barely* – work the Monday after a Gator loss. This is just rotten.

  20. I like this: Colin Powell basically tells world leaders, “You’re either with us, or against us.”

  21. Two brothers were volunteering at the site of the WTC. One was a policeman and one a firefighter. One brother was killed as the bldg. collapsed, the other brother survived. He has not left the site since his brother was killed and refuses food and water. He just sits and stares where his brother was killed. More stories, more sadness……tell your loved ones how much you love them, give them a hug, a phone call. We are blessed to be here….

  22. This is exactly the kind of crap we do not need out there. And to think these two guys have run for President of our country in the past.Quotes from Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson:”I really believe that the pagans, and the abortionists, and the feminists, and the gays and lesbians who are actively trying to make that an alternative lifestyle, the ACLU, People for the American Way — all of them who have tried to secularize America — I point the finger in their face and say, ‘You helped this happen,’” Falwell said on the program, which was broadcast nationally.”Well, I totally concur,” Robertson told Falwell, “and the problem is we have adopted their agenda at the highest levels of our government.”Here is the full link to the story …

  23. Here is a link to some more thoughts and images of the past few days.

  24. I saw the pictures taken by the blogger. I’ve seen the images a thousand times, on tv, in my mind, in my heart. And every time, there is some new part of me that is wounded. My heart has been aching for days. Last night in my dreams, I kept searching and searching for my family, and then I began to scream at something evil keeping them away from my old house in Daytona. “Where is my family? Where is my family?” I woke with my heart pounding. I know where my family is. My kids are both safe. My mom, my brother and his family, they’re all safe. But when I see the pictures of the horror and hear the voices of the living, and the voices of the missing, I know where my family is. And my family has been devastated, rendered, ripped from my heart. They are all my family, all of those people weeping and hoping, when there is no hope, and trying to face just this moment, just one moment at a time. I ache for every one of them and for each of you. People are saying that tragedy defines each generation. There is no word, no word for what happened Tuesday, that which changed the whole world forever, not because we will get angry or will have to change how we fly, but because all of those people are our family. And they are the family of the children rejoicing in the streets and the men who perpetrated the foulness and the men and women who will have to exact justice. The blogger’s pictures were a montage of the terrible and the normal. It was the first time I had seen pictures that showed the towers and a beautiful, bright, clear day on the streets of New York.

  25. I’ve been up all night trying to put words on my own web page, since I have been unable to update since the 11th.I am proud of the FBI, and the CIA’s progress. And yes, I am proud of Dubya, and the good people who surround him. They are doing a great job.Be supportive of Dubya, for he is doing his best, be loving of each other, for we are all on the same team, and pray, for we all need prayers right now.

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