Grammatical English is now the near-exclusive province of the middle-aged and elderly because it hasn’t been formally taught in most schools … for about thirty years. Knowledge of the mechanics of how words, clauses, and phrases are hooked up to form sentences and paragraphs has been withheld from most children for such a long time that clear grammatical precision is now a rarity.”

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  1. This is bull **** . I went to a public middle school 92-94 which had *very* extensive grammar instruction. I had grammar every year 6-10th grade. I went to an average private school in 6th grade and a very prestigious prep school for high school. I think there are many places which still stress grammar but language is fluid and new technologies emphasize different styles of communication. Grammar is something which evolves and if there is a clear need for some construction it will emerge. French is bastardized Latin after all.

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