Is it true? Yes! It’s the return of the Featurette Guide! The expanded, revised, and updated
Blogger Featurette Guide™©! Check out all the groovy-cool things your fellow bloggers have done over the years.

featurette guide 2001
Appendix B

This is an (almost) alphabetical listing of (almost) all the currently known featurettes in Bloggerville.

2008-03-20: Please notify me about dead links. It would be even cooler if you would notify the person who has moved or deleted or archived the featurette…
If you know of a featurette not listed here, please let me know!
  1. 2001 Bloggies (Fairvue Central)
  2. 2002 Bloggies (Fairvue Central)
  3. ADSL Hell (The BradLands)
  4. Behind the Curtain (Array)
  5. Eatonweb Weblog Resources Portal (Eatonweb)
  6. Blog Elements (Fairvue Central)
  7. Blogger D&D (re-run)
  8. Blogger Dictionary (
  9. Blogger Insider (
  10. Blogger License Plates (re-run)
  11. Blogger Voice Mail Directory (
  12. Blogger Voice Mail Mega-Mix (Fairvue Central)
  13. Blogger Voice Mail Mega-Mix2 (Fairvue Central)
  14. BlogIRCO (Fairvue Central)
  15. BlogSong (Fairvue Central)
  16. BlogSticker Party (
  17. blogView (/dan.el.ope/)
  18. Do you know these Bloggers? (Fairvue Central)
  19. The Friday Five (smattering)
  20. the good stuff (
  21. the great blog-off (wrongwaygoback)
  22. The Guerilla Banner Project (
  23. Lifeshots (sixkill)
  24. Magnetic Poetry (thinkdink)
  25. The MetaCamPage (
  26. MetaFairvue (Fairvue Central)
  27. Non-Negative Blogging (thinkdink)
  28. November Dreams (Fairvue Central)
  29. Song of the Moment (
  30. The Twelve Days of Blogging (The BradLands)
  31. Web Elements (Fairvue Central)
  32. Weblogémon (friezlog)
  33. weblog junior high (wrongwaygoback)
  34. Weblogger Code (ctrl-alt-ego)
  35. We Didn’t Start the Weblogs (Fairvue Central)
  36. Bloggy Opinions (see also
2024-01-31: Broken links in this post have been removed and/or updated.

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  1. Somehow I changed from Lithium to Ga (Is that Gallium?) in the new table of blog.elements.

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