A little while ago I cobbled together a tagging system here on the site. The tags appear at the bottom of each post and you can use them to find related content. For some reason, though, they aren’t being caught by Technorati. I’m pretty sure I followed their specs exactly, but no dice. Every time I checked, the only tags that would display for a post in their summary were the categories associated with an entry.

My first assumption was that Technorati had to be pulling the tags from my RSS feed, so I changed the <category> node to display my tags instead of my categories, but now no tags at all are showing in the summary. I tried changing the rel parameter of the links from rel=”tag” to rel=”category tag” — which is what WordPress was doing by default for my categories — but that didn’t seem to help either. I’m scratching my head here on this one. Anyone got any ideas?


  • I changed the rel parameter back to just rel=”tag”. I don’t think that was it.
  • I changed my RSS feed to display each tag in its own <category> node instead of in one node as a comma-separated list. That’s the way WordPress does it when there are multiple categories assigned to a post. That might be it. We’ll see.

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