Telemarketers SuckI have gotten over a dozen phone calls today from (949) 374-5125 and (208) 650-4253. I had been answering the phone on the first or second ring and there would be nobody there. At first I assumed it was just some moron repeatedly calling the wrong number. But just now a call from the first number yielded a telemarketer asking me which free gift I wanted to receive.

We don’t use the land-line phone at the house for anything except the alarm system. Any time that line rings we know it is a telemarketer, so we just never answer it. We both use our cell phones for all our calls and, until recently, I have been more or less free from unsolicited telemarketing, so this flurry today is pretty annoying.

I’m updating this post with all the spam phone calls I receive on my cell phone so anyone searching can find them.

  • 949-374-5125
  • 208-650-4253
  • 626-259-5573
  • 760-204-8401
  • 760-526-8197
  • 702-520-1497
  • 815-418-2030
  • 310-599-9157
  • 626-273-8209
  • 269-768-2135

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  1. You still haven’t answered my question. Which free gift do you want to receive. You can run, but you can’t hide, hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

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