If you don’t backup your computer regularly, you are asking for a disaster.


I cannot say enough good things about backblaze. It’s an online backup service that costs less than what you probably pay for two Starbucks each month. If you own a computer and care at all about your files, I strongly urge you to use it.

backblazeHopefully you are already taking advantage of the Time Machine functionality built into every Apple computer. (Just plug an external hard drive into your machine, tell the operating system to use it as a Time Machine drive, and forget about it.) That’s great, but unfortunately you almost certainly have your Time Machine drive sitting just a few inches away from your computer. So it’s great if you need to recover a file you accidentally deleted. But it’s worthless if your house burns to the ground.

Backblaze is an app that sits on your computer and runs silently in the background. As long as you have an internet connection, it dutifully stores an encrypted backup of your files to “the cloud”. You can use it just like a Time Machine drive to recover a file here and there, but it has the bonus of not ever being in the same place as your computer. (This is called redundancy, by the way.) That way if you ever lose your computer and your backup, you still have a backup. And in a pinch they will even FedEx you a copy of all your data if you need it.

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