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FridayFive: I’ve Got a Bad Feeling about This

“May the Force be with you,” gets all the glory. But, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this,” is my favorite Star Wars phrase. Han probably does it the most justice, but it’s just as much fun when uttered by some of the other characters.

  1. “I have a very bad feeling about this.” – Luke, approaching the Death Star, A New Hope
  2. “I got a bad feeling about this.” – Han, as the walls of the trash compactor start closing, A New Hope
  3. “I have a bad feeling about this.” – Leia, in the belly of the asteroid space slug, The Empire Strikes Back
  4. “I have a really bad feeling about this.” – Han, when the Ewoks are going to roast them alive, Return of the Jedi
  5. “I got a bad feeling about this.” – Han, when the Rathtars escape, The Force Awakens

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