When I was a senior in college at the University of Florida I took an “honors” Hemingway class. My girlfriend at the time was spending the semester in Spain and she let me borrow her computer while she was gone. I somehow managed to convince my professor to let me build a website featuring all of my classmates’ essays instead of writing a 50-page term paper. (This was back in the very early days of HTML, before anyone even started putting graphics on the World Wide Web, so it was kind of a big deal.)

The Hemingway site I built became pretty popular and — after graduation — I kept adding to it. People from all over the world sent me their essays and I would post them. Eventually I decided to get my own URL. I registered davidgagne.net with a tiny little start-up named Dotster and found another start-up, Dreamhost, to handle the hosting. At the same time another new company was becoming popular: Blogger. I started blogging on March 3rd, 2000 and have been publishing more or less daily to this website since then.

Mia EliseI was born in Pawtucket, RI in 1973. I moved to Daytona Beach, FL in 1979. I went to St. Paul’s Elementary School and then Father Lopez Catholic High School. I moved away from home to go to the University of Florida in 1991. It took me a little while, but I eventually graduated in 1996. I moved to Los Angeles in 2000.

I’ve been to Maine, Vail, South Carolina, Paris, Portland, Rome, Atlanta, Austin, Denver, Dublin, London, Maui, New Orleans, New York City, Boston, Tampa, Nashville, Ithaca, Colorado Springs, Cancun, Tuscany, Big Bear, Chicago, San Francisco, Miami, Las Vegas, Florence, Pisa, The Bahamas, Disneyland, Disney World, the White House, and Super Bowl XLII. I’ve been to a bunch of other places, too.

I currently travel the world with my wife, our two sons, and an assortment of pets. I’m the CTO of Brandissimo!, Inc. and life is good.

You can also browse the different header site logos I’ve used on this site over the years: old, new

The easiest way to contact me is via Twitter.

You can email me if you’re desperate. My initials are “dvg” and the domain name here is davidgagne.net, so you should be able to guess what my email address is.

You can find me on AIM almost all the time as GatorDVG or Microsoft Messenger — do they still call it that? — as vis_bea at hotmail.com.

I’m on Google Talk as david.gagne at my company’s domain name, and for the nine of you that still use ICQ, you can reach me there (sometimes) with 3779077.