Jason found this really wacked Wu Name Generator.
Entering David Gagne resulted in a Wu name of Chocolatey Shatner.
Ryan Tober returned Ol’ Mucky Terrahawk.
Jason Chilton was Victorian Cow.
Jorge Munoz turned into World Class Programmah.
What’s your Wu Name? Let me know!

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  1. Greetings from “Homicidal Terrahawk” interesting site, i’m looking for beavis aka victorian cow. just wanted to note that there are only 81 possible names. the names are computed by totaling the number values of the letters in your name (stan lee) =
    (19+20+1+14) stan = 54
    (12+5+5) lee = 22
    the program adds the tens digit to the singles digit to make a single digit 1-9
    5+4 = 9 – stan
    2+2 = 4 – lee
    based on these digits you get you wu name. Fun to play around with the letters.

    Motivation boredom.

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