Rambling thoughts

I really don’t consider myself as having a favorite color. I’m just not one of those people. If I did have a favorite color, it would be blue. I like blue. It’s a nice little color. Four letters. Four is cool, too. I don’t have a favorite number either. But if I did it might be four. It’s four letters long. The fourth letter is D. All kinds of cool stuff going on with four. Four years in a presidential term. Four years between Olympics. (Although I think they changed that when I wasn’t paying attention.) Four years make a leap year. Four wheel drive. Four. Hey! Four letters in blue! “What” also has four letters. If you took out the redundant letters, there’s four in David. And Gagne. Man. Four is just a great number. But I’m not ready to call it my favorite. Nosireebob. I’ll just hold off on that. Maybe when I get older, y’know, I’ll pick a favorite number. Right now, though? No. Can’t do it. And don’t even get me started on letters. There’s certainly less letters than there are numbers (infinity) or colors (also infinity, assuming you have supervision). But how could you choose a favorite? Do you have a favorite color? number? letter? How do you do that? What about the rest of them? Don’t you feel bad? I hope you never have to depend on Green when you’ve been dissing it your whole life with that silly little thing you’ve had for Yellow. I don’t envy you, kid. Not one bit.

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