The English Language

I really get aggravated when people try to argue their way out of what are really meaningless mistakes by saying that the English language is flexible and there aren’t any hard and fast rules and who cares if they’ve spelled something incorrectly because it doesn’t matter as long as you get it and blah, blah, blah.

Please. Just admit that you didn’t know how to use the word or spell it or what it meant and remember the next time. Don’t give me crap for trying to help you improve your understanding of what has become the de facto “language of the net” somehow.

Or maybe it’s just that I feel like such a failure in everything else in my life that I subconsciously take solace in having a better grasp of the language than most.

Instead of reading the boring schlep I’ve been posting here lately, why don’t you go read about some Common Errors in English?

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  1. I hate that too when people try to explain their lazyness and lack of education by the flexibility of the English language.

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