“The thinking of genius does not proceed logically. It leaps with great ellipses. It pulls knowledge from God knows where.”
Dorothy Thompson, American journalist (1894-1961)

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  1. yeah my boyfriend cheats and i have caught him couple of time,but i don’t let him stress me bald.I just look at the fact that I have a 8 mohth old daughter and she mean more to me than anything you can throw in my face. My boyfriend is 12 years older than me and act like he is 12 years younger than me. Hes the type of guy that if things are’nt going his way then thing are’nt going to right for noone else. But like aunt Danita Turner says,DROP THE ZERO AND FIND YOU A HERO,because baby your much better than his sorry ass will every be.

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    Khiah 4rom the e-town

    My boyfriend was so stupid.He always did things in front of his kinfolks and they always come back and told me. Everytime I went back and said something to him he always lied and said he didn’t do it.And he always used that famous line:BUT BABY I LOVE YOU,but that line don’t work all the time.So i didn’t let him bother me.So i just dropped him like a hot potato.So now i guess i can’t kill him i’m not with him anymore AHHHHHAHHHAHHHAhhahh

  3. yeah my boyfriend blows ass. for some reason i still **** ing kiss his stupid arrogant ass all day long like he **** ing deserves it. Lets see……we have bee together for 2 years….and on both of my birthdays he has failed to give me anything. not even a **** ing hallmark card. im not saying its all about money, but cummon…..i would have loved a card written in crayon. i do nothing but try and make this ass happy. i wait on him hand and foot, clean up after him like a god damn maid, and give him the best sex at least twice a day. and i dont ever complain that the **** er cant get me off. then i go and cook the idiot dinner…wait.. i guess im the idiot. he says he loves me. but when he gets all high and sits there like a god damn sloth i cant even get him to respond to a question. this is such bull **** ….i need a reality check he doesnt deserve me. no man deserves any of you all……. but lets face it, where the ones making the choice to stay. oh, and i read a comment bout someones boyfriend not being able to talk when he eats……yeah mine too…..like its a test and if he doesnt have a consistent amoiunt of food running through his mouth he might fail…..yeah i see the hampster wheel too. and if i try and talk to him..i get nothing. **** men. they have no respect at all. and they say women are disrespectful these days????? Maybe because these days its practically impossible to find a man who can fathom the fact that its courtious to take care of his women. I hate when i bring up the fact of marrige to him… he acts like its a death sentance. is it really that hard to fathom the fact that i would want to love and honor the man i love???? or is it that they just dont want to support us? always taking the easy way out. **** him….im breaking up with him after this. it felt so good to say all that.. ummm to the lady who said she actually killed her man and is in prison for it???well your a **** ing psycho. have fun in jail.

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