I first saw the idea at wrongwaygoback.com several weeks ago. “Neale,” I thought to myself, “how in the &$%# did you get that to work without tables?!” He had changed wrongwaygoback.com into “dynamic ribbon device” and done it all in css. I was pretty impressed. The next thing I knew I read a post on dack.com referencing Neale’s achievement, a related thread on metafilter, and a repository of CSS Layout tutorials. So then I started seriously getting antsy. I found The Layout Reservoir and started reading everything I could at A List Apart. I broke, thrashed, implemented BlogVoices on, and otherwise fiddled around with the code at my group blog, The OceanBlog, until the members were revolting.* I also stole heavily from Stay Awake and the Style Sheet Reference Guide at WebReview. Last night I found Neale on-line and we spent a good hour or so poking around in the css and my blogger template, sending IMs and eMails hither and yon … And now it’s done.** I owe many thanks to Neale. I take back all the rotten things TheBrad said about him. The only tables on this page are the little tiny ones in the sidebars. You can probably only barely tell the difference. That’s a good thing. It’s cool. Not like snowboarding or getting to meet Paul McCartney***, but it’s definitely cool.

*They were already revolting.
**Almost. I can’t seem to get the right-hand edge of the right menu to align with the right-hand edge of the top banner. Anyone know what I’m doing incorrectly?
***I’ve been snowboarding. I haven’t met Paul.

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