This is why I read Romenesko’s Obscure Store and Reading Room:

  • Sisters Go Bonkers on Plane after Boozing It Up: The twin sisters, who are models, went from shouting to fighting. They smoked in the bathroom and used perfume to mask the odor, says an affidavit. One said to another: “I’ve gotta get out of here, let me off this airplane, I’ve gotta smoke, open this door!” One of the sisters threw a phone and the other put a flight attendant in a headlock.
  • Ex-Drug Dealer Says God Told Him to Be Peppy the Pepper: Kenny Carter says God told him to put on the vegetable suit and entertain shoppers at the Super Fresh store. “I was crying out in the middle of church: ‘Oh, God! Oh, God!’ And suddenly I heard an audible male voice that said: ‘You will be a vegetable.’ … I looked around, thought I was going crazy! I began to worship again. I said: ‘Lord, speak to me.’ And I heard it again: ‘You will be a vegetable.'”

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