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My Horrible Head

I can’t breathe right now and it sucks. I’ve told you already about my abnormally large sinuses and complained about not being able to breathe, but so far 2009 has just been unbearable. And these days it’s worse than it normally is because of my continued and doctor-recommended daily consumption of loratadine (the active ingredient

Deadly Side Effects

I just saw a commercial for a new migraine medicine called Treximet. It is apparently the hottest new thing for bad headaches. The first side effect mentioned by the voice-over sounds just a little bit extreme, though. “Side effects may include sudden fatal heart attack …” Call me crazy, but I can’t imagine getting headaches

An Open Letter to Amy Winehouse

An open letter to Amy Winehouse, from Ernie.

I have been a major Tom Petty fan for years and years. I have — I think — every CD he’s recorded. I know all the words to every song. I’ve seen him live almost a dozen times. I am absolutely astonished that it took me fifteen years to catch that “Mary Jane’s Last Dance” was about marijuana.

Gator Attacks Naked Man On Crack

Now that is an awesome headline! As my friend Kelly, who sent me the link, said, “Only in Florida …” This is one hell of a story to read. You can file this one as “Reason #419 Not to Get High on Crack and Fall Asleep Next to a Lake in Central Florida”. I love

UGA Drug Bust

ATHENS, Ga. — Five University of Georgia football players were suspended for two games Tuesday after they and a basketball player were charged with misdemeanor drug possession. Football players Tim Jennings, Bryan McClendon, DeMario Minter, Mario Raley and Randall Swoopes, and basketball player Wayne Arnold — all freshmen — were booked and later released from

Dell Dude Busted

Heh. The “Dude, you’re getting a Dell” guy got busted for marijuana possession.

Visine Warning?

A bleary-eyed notice from TeamBilly HQ: No more Visine. Doc’s exact words: “Unless you’re an actor and need a quick fix, don’t use the stuff. Use artificial tears or something better. But not Visine.” Apparently the quick fix you get from tetrahydrozaline works, but when it wears off you go right back to swollen eye

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