So I think I’ve finally gotten all my css problems solved. Everything’s all nice and neat in IE6 on Win2K. I’ll check with IE5.5 on Win98 later tonight. I don’t have access to a Netscape and / or Mac … So tell me: How does this page look to you? Fonts ok? No crazy spacing issues? Is it easily readable? What platform / browser are you using? (Do you know that you can now click on the “post a comment” link to leave notes here?)

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  1. Honey, for about five minutes last night, it was brilliant. I could read everything! I was ecstatic; my bling! done come back to me!Tonight, though, the old bugaboo is back, clipping off the left edge of the right column and rendering it unreadable in my IE5/Mac.Bring back, bring back, oh bring back my bling! to me, to me…

  2. Looks fine in IE 5.5 running win98 (640×480). I’ve never had any real issues with it there though. (Or if I have I sent you e-mail about it. haha.)In Opera 5 it’s now a lot better. I can read it now. It used to be super screwy there so that’s an improvement. In NS 4.08 it is legible and the message appears at the top about standards, yadda. I don’t browse with NS normally though…just keep it around to check out stuff.David honey, if you’re using grey matter then remove the blogger button…unless you’re using blogger for something…in which case put a little note about using blogger for that part. 😀

  3. Maggie!Thanks for the comments. I’ll see what I can do about NS4.08 … maybe someone out there knows what I’m doing incorrectly.I use blogger still for the ‘things I like’ sidebar on the main page, plus the song of the moment and oceanblog still run on blogger.:0)

  4. Good job converting the site to Greymatter. It looks wonderful for me. (Win98/IE6.0beta)

  5. I like the GreyMatter better.But it still isn’t displaying quite right in Netscape 6.01 on NT. The first three letters or so of the date header gets cut off (screenshot at if you want to see what I mean).But Netscape sucks, and that’s not your fault.

  6. That is strange. (Thanks for the screenshot!) Does NS not understand ‘text-align: right’?

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