This post is part of the Song of the Moment collection. For several years when I started blogging, I would occasionally post an obfuscated mp3 file for visitors to download without letting them know what the song was. The filename was always simply song.mp3 so when I posted a new one, the previous #sotm would be overwritten.

everlong (acoustic)Foo Fighters

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  1. I need help finding this too! It was played on the movie “Little Nicky” with Adam Sandler but doesn’t appear on the soundtrack!! Where can you get it?!

  2. i’m getting married nest year and want this song as my first dance!!! Where can i get it?

  3. Where can I get this song? I can’t find it anywhere? help please.

  4. need to find this song to download. all i know is that it is from a live 105.3 green xmas concert approx 5 years ago

  5. I desperately need help finding this song too! I want it to be my first dance song at my wedding. Please help!!

  6. same question as number 2 i need to find this song and can’t download it anywhere please help

  7. what album is this song on, the acustic version?

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    Matthew Tickner

    Please can you tell me where on earth i can download this song from. I cannot find it anywhere and I am unable to use any p2p software such as kazaa. Please mail me soon, its driving me mad!!!

  9. where can i purchase the cd this particular song is on. everlong acoustic. great website.

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