Call 1-800-491-1700.
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ext. 2041

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  1. “Only you can decide if the physical pleasure is worth the psychological hassle.”

  2. Well.That was a good giggle to start off the day! How very…descriptive.

  3. Was that Jocelyn Elder’s voice I heard? I kept wondering how many takes the gal had to do of this reading. Put that on your resume!

  4. I thought I’d pass this number out to my entire office. It will give them something to do during the slow times. A happy office is a productive office!

  5. You mean calling the number will give them something to do, right?

  6. due to our 1-800 number being inappropriatly given out, this option is no longer available…

  7. What did the message say? I got the inappropriate message as well. 🙁

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