Q: Who has better fans, Florida or FSU?

  • Tickets to every Florida Gator home game have been sold out for 8 consecutive years.
    The Noles only sell out 30% of their games in the state of Florida despite having a much smaller stadium.
  • Florida has sold out all of their bowl games except one in the 90s.
    Florida State has yet to sell out any of their bowl games despite playing for the national championship 3 times and playing several times in their own state.
  • There is an 8 year waiting list to get season tickets for Florida Gator games.
    Season tickets are available each season for FSU games.
  • Florida averages a greater attendance at their pep rallies (69,000) than FSU does for their home games (60,000).

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  1. FSU 13-UF 20!! Yeah baby! Go Gators!

  2. FSU sucks the only reason they have a winning record every year is because they play in the ACC
    which ought to stand for A Crappy Conference p.s. fsu still sucks!

  3. Now Tell me who has more National Championships and fans don’t win games players do.

  4. if the gators are better, then why does fsu beat them every year

  5. How can you argue with facts? UF’s football isn’t only better in every way than FSU, they’re also better in every way as a school. The real reason FSU really has a football team is so the marching band and the fake indian have something to do on weekends.

  6. I like the way you spell for the GAYTORS……maybe they will understand one day.

  7. Wyho really cares about the sell out? In gainsville every trilaer trash gator uses there rent to go to the game, thats why therre pissed off, poor , obnoxious rednecks! Have the gators won in tallahassee in the last 10 years…..i think not! who won the last 3-4 games …..THE NOLES. Now after this weekend we shall see once again who is better. we only took 2 years off to fix some real problems…whats your exscuse Gainsville Champ!!!!

  8. Oh, that was a good comeback moron. Lets try to be a little more vague, although you are a great example of the mental simplicity of the Florida State fans, thanks.

  9. thats bull crap!!! FLODIA STATES THE BEST!!!!!

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